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How to Disable All Bloatware on Your Galaxy S8 or S8+

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If you have a carrier-branded Galaxy S8 model, then you’re probably already aware of the amount of bloatware that comes with it. Unfortunately that’s simply part and parcel with owning a Samsung device, these days. If you’ve ever wanted to remove all of that bloat but have been hesitant to root your phone, keep on reading because we’re about to share the secret to a quick and painless way to removing Samsung Bloatware.

Now, before we begin let us start by letting you know that our solution isn’t free. That being said, at just $1.49, it won’t break the bank either. Dubbed ‘Package Disabler Pro’, this app, though it’ll get the job of removing bloatware done, can be a little tricky to use and can result in you doing more damage to your phone than necessary.

 All of that being said, you don’t have to worry about screwing up your phone since we’ve found you a hassle-free way to disable over 120 bloatware apps all in one, thanks to XDA user BAYmustafa96. By using XDA, you’ll be able to free up your beloved RAM space. So, it’s time we showed you how to disable your bloatware the easiest way possible.


Download the Bloatware Removal File

In order to disable your bloatware, you need to download an XML file. The XML file will automatically disable any bloatware apps through Package Disabler Pro. This file was originally created by BAYmustafa96, however, it's been cleaned up a bit and made safer to use. We’ve included the link here, so, click on it to start the downloading process for your Galaxy S8 or S8+.


Install Package Disabler Pro

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded the XML file, you now have to download Package Disable Pro created by policedeveloper. Now, you’ll be able to find it in the Play Store, simply search for Package Disabler Pro in the search bar. Or you can also download the app here. It is a paid app which costs $1.49. However, once you download the file, don’t open it right away.


Install PDP Engine

Samsung has made some recent changes to their devices which means you’ll need to download a completely separate add-on which will allow the Package Disabler Pro to function properly. Now, this app, PDP Engine, is completely free to download, which you can get here. Or, go to your Play Store and search up PDP Engine. Once you have downloaded this, you have everything in place and now you can disable the bloatware on your Samsung.


Disable Bloatware

Like we said above, you’re completely set with everything you need to disable the bloatware from your phone.

So, firstly, you’ll want to go ahead and open Package Disabler Pro. Once that’s completed, you’ll be one the home screen. You’ll see a three-dot menu icon that’s on the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Tap on the three-dot menu and tap on “Import for XML.”

A mini screen will pop up where it will say “Import from file”. You’re going to tap on “select” where you’ll then be taken to a file browser page. Find the folder that says “Download,” tap on it and select “bloatware-disabler.” Then a mini screen will pop up where you’re going to tap on “import.” The XML file is now ready and will automatically start to disable over 120 bloatware apps. Once it’s completed, you’ll receive a notification on your screen that will alert you of the number of packages that have been disabled on your phone.

After you’ve seen the notification screen, you’re now able to close your app – your Samsung device has been disabled of all bloatware.

 Now, sometimes this app can disable apps that you use regularly such as Google Play Music. If this happens, don’t worry. All you need to do is go and open your Package Disable Pro and scroll through the list of disabled apps. Then, you simply have to find the apps you’re missing, and un-tick them in the next you’ll see next to it.

This should improve the speed and performance of your phone. Let us know in the comment section below if disabling your bloatware worked!

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