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How to downgrade your Android phone to a previous version

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Most of us are constantly updating our phones, making sure that everything is properly running with the latest updates. However, there are some instances where upgrading to the new version isn’t something you want to do. In some cases, you’ll want to go back to the older version of Android because it simply worked better on your phone or there was a feature which you liked more than the upgraded version. We completely understand as many of us have these feelings when it comes to upgrading our phones. Though most of us learn to adapt to the new upgrades, that doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, if you prefer the older software on your phone, you can actually go back to it. It won't be easy, but it’s possible. If you’re looking to downgrade your Android to the previous version, you can actually do it.


Do you want to downgrade your Android?

Before jumping to downgrade your Android, you should think carefully about it. Is it something you really want to do? Sometimes downgrading can become a huge hassle depending on the version of the software that’s on your phone. In addition, you may see some things that you don’t like the older version. So, prior to downgrading, think about it. Though there are ways to do it, every Android comes with its own set of challenges and if you’re not overly educated in Androids and how smartphone work, playing around with your phone could result in you losing a lot of important data that you didn’t want to lose.


Downgrading the easy way

If you have a Pixel or Nexus Android or another phone that allows you to unlock your phone, it’ll be easy to downgrade. This is because you’ll be provided with a catalogue of the various versions of Androids. From there, it’s then quite easy to downgrade from one version to another. If you have a phone that allows you to do that, the process is simple:


  • You’ll want to back everything up onto the cloud
  • Download the version of the software you’d like to install and download and utilities in which you need to install the software
  • Read everything the software tells you and then follow through.


Know that there are many things that are not going to be able to be backed up such as messages, games, photos and videos in apps. It’s important for you to also understand the process prior to downgrading your Android. Because once you downgrade, retrieving that data will be very difficult if even possible. So, prior to downgrading, know exactly how the process works and what it really entails.


The harder way to downgrade

For most of us, we don’t have unlockable phones that are going to be able to downgrade as easy as the instructions above. Which means you’re most likely going to have to find an older version yourself which is going to be a challenge. Though it’s recommended that if you’re really serious about going to an older software version on your phone, you may want to use a custom ROM rather than to downgrade. Custom ROMs are typically third-party versions of Android that’s been designed for users such as yourself. Custom ROMS allow you to have the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to have a version which includes important updates and features plus be able to use features that were used in older software.


If you do this, you’ll void any warranty on your phone. Plus, you should also know that custom ROMs are also pretty challenging to install, though it also depends on the phone you have as well. To find custom ROMs you’ll need to check out specific places such as XDA Developers. This website is dedicated to phone hacking, but the good kind.

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