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How to download apps larger than 150MB over cellular on your iPhone



Over the past couple of years, Apple has implemented a size limit for app downloads on cellular networks. If the app is larger than 100MB, you wouldn’t be able to download it to your iPhone, rather, wait until your Apple device is connected to a wifi network. However, since the release of iOS 11, Apple changed a couple of things, one of them being the increase from 100MB to 150MB. But, for those who don’t have regular access to a wifi network, downloading larger apps could be a problem. However, there’s a way to work around the 150MB rule so that you’re able to download large apps on your cellular network. We’re going to show you how to download apps larger than 150MB over your cellular network. It’s a lot easier than you may think.


How to bypass the 150MB rule on a cellular network


Before you do anything, you’ll want to make sure that the app you want to download is primed and ready to go. In order to get this done, you’ll need to initiate the app from the Apple Store. What does this mean? Well, you’ll need to go into the App Store and select the app you want to download. Then, tap install and confirm either with your Face ID or Apple password that you want to accept the download.


Then, a message will appear which will state that the download is “over 150MB” and that “it may not download until you connect to wifi.” However, don’t worry, you can work past that. Tap ok and then go to your Home screen.


Typically, when you’re trying to download an app over 150MB, the app icon will appear on your home screen until you connect yourself to the wifi network. Though, when the icon appears, do the following:


1. Open the settings app on your Apple device

2. Go to General and then tap on Date & Time

3. Toggle Set Automatically to off

4. Then, tap on the date

5. Use the wheel and move the date forward by 2 or 3 days

6. Tap general to go back


After you adjusted the date, you’ll have to wait a little bit in order for the download to initiate. If you go to the Home screen, you’ll notice that the progress bar in motion. From there, the app will download as normal. It may take longer since it’s a larger app, however, you’ll be able to download it from your cellular network.


If you’re thinking about downloading apps such as PUBG or Fortnite, you should be aware that it’ll take some time to accomplish and download. But if you’re wanting to download apps such as Facebook, it’ll download quickly.

Once the app is fully downloaded, you’ll want to make sure that your date and time are functioning properly. In order to make sure they’re working properly, follow these steps:


1. Open settings

2. Go to general and then go to Date & Time

3. Toggle set automatically to On


After this is completed, you’ll have successfully been able to download an app larger than 150MB without needing to do so while connected to a wifi network. We recommend that it’s best if you only do this occasionally, as this will eat up your cellular data quite quickly.


If you don’t have the opportunity to use wifi on a regular basis, you rely heavily on your cellular network data. But, for many large apps, it requires that you download them via wifi connection. However, now, by following the steps above, you’ll be able to download apps over 150MB on your phone via your cellular network. So, wherever you are, you’ll be able to access whichever app you’d like to download on your phone.

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