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How to fix Google Pixel 3 battery life problems

Google Pixel 3 battery life


Google has just launched the Google Pixel 3. It comes with all the trendy features you would expect on a smartphone nowadays. However, a lot of users has complained about the Battery.

It comes with a 2915 mAh battery. In a way, this is not that bad. But, if you compare it to its competitors then you have to admit that this is a weak point of Google’s flagship. So, if you are not satisfied with the battery life of your Pixel 3. You are at the right place.

We will be sharing some tips which can help you to fix the battery life problems of your phone. So, let’s start.


Check the battery usage details:

Before you do anything, you need to check where the battery is going. You can find out the details of battery usage of your Pixel 3 by following the method below.

• Go to the ‘Settings‘ of your phone

• Then tap on the ‘Battery’ option

• From there, you can check the Battery usage by taping the menu button (three vertical dots) from the top-right corner. You can learn which features/apps of your phone are consuming the battery

• If you want to get the best result, then you should check the battery usage when your battery is low. If you check the stats at the start, you won’t find out the real culprits


Reduce display sleep time:

The screen of your phone is one of the many things which drains the battery. By default, the screen timeout is set up to 30 seconds. It means that if you don't use your phone then the screen of your phone will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

However, in many cases, we need to have a screen timeout of more than 30 seconds. So, if you have increased the ‘screen timeout’ time, you should reduce it. This can save a lot of battery power. To change the settings, go to Settings>Display>Sleep and choose 15 or 30 seconds from the menu.


Stop using Live Wallpaper:

There’s no denying that live wallpapers are a fun addition to your phone. And, Google has added a lot of cool live wallpapers on the Pixel 3. Although those wallpapers are nice to look at, they are bad for your battery life.

So, if you are having problems with your Pixel 3’s battery life, then you should stop using live wallpapers. Instead, you can use any static wallpapers.


Stop using third party launcher:

Android is popular for its customizability. You can easily use a third party launcher to change the look of your phone if you don't like the default launcher provided by Google. However, the third-party launchers are power hungry. So, you can ditch the third-party launcher. It will save you a lot of battery. Moreover, the default launcher on Pixel 3 is great.


Use the Battery Saver function:

This option is only recommended for emergency case. You don't need to turn on battery saver all the time. We would recommend turning on the ‘Battery Saver’ mode when your battery is as low as 15%.

You can turn this feature on by going to ‘Settings’>Battery’. Also, you will find a shortcut to activate the mode on your notification bar labeled as ‘Battery Saver’. You can turn on and off the function with just a tap from there.


Turn off Ambient display function:

The ‘Ambient Display’ function can be a very useful one at times. But, it also has its shortcomings. Yes, it will also drain your battery. So, you can turn that off as well. You can turn it off by navigating to ‘Settings>Display>Ambient Display’ on your phone. Then, toggle off the ‘Always On’ option. You can keep the ‘Lift to check phone’ option turned ON though.


Turn on Adaptive Battery function:

This is an awesome function from Google to save some of your battery juice. You can turn it on by going to ‘Settings>Battery>Adaptive Battery’ option. In doing so, your phone will restrict the infrequently used apps to use the battery power. However, you might not receive push notifications for some of the apps if you activate this function.


Wrapping it up:

If you want to get the best out of your phone’s battery life then you must compromise. We have stated some of the best ways to do that. But, you should not use all of these methods at once. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy using your phone.

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