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How to get birthday notifications on Android phone

Google Calendar


Getting a notification prior to someone’s birthday can be a lifesaver. That way, you can be prepared beforehand. Whether you want to send a gift or arrange a surprise party for them, it is possible only if you know when their birthday is coming.

Fortunately, if you have added them as your contacts on your phone or on Google+, their birthdays will be automatically synced to your Google calendar. So, let’s learn how to do that at first. Then we will tell you how to get a notification of any one’s birthday on your Android phone.


How to add birthdays to Google Calendar from Google+ circles and contacts:

Launch the ‘Google Calendar’ app on your phone

• Now, swipe from the left edge of your screen to right. It will bring out the customization options for the app

• From there, scroll down until you find the ‘Birthdays’ option. If there’s a checkmark next to the ‘Birthdays’ option then it’s all right. But, if there’s not, just tap it once to checkmark it. In doing so, all the birthdays will now appear on the calendar app

You can also change the settings of the ‘Birthdays’ calendar. You can choose which birthdays to include. Here’ how to do it.


Steps to Follow:

• Again, swipe from the left edge of the screen to right. And scroll down to bottom and tap on the ‘Settings’ button from there

• Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the ‘Birthdays’ button

• On the next page, you can change the color of the ‘Birthdays’ calendar. Tap on the ‘Color’ button and change the color to your preference

• Next, tap on the Gmail account of yours and select ‘Google+ circles and Contacts’. It will import all the birthdays of your Google+ Circles and your phone’s contacts to the Google Calendar

So, if you go through the dates, you will find all the birthdays of your friends and family on the ‘Google Calendar’. Now, if you want to get notifications every year before their birthday, you have to set up reminder manually within the app. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t send automatic notifications for the birthdays.


How to set a Birthday reminder on Google Calendar:

Open the ‘Google Calendar’ app

• Now, find the date of a friend’s birthday of which you want to get a notification

• Then, tap on the big ‘Plus/sign from the bottom right corner of the screen

• Next, tap on the ‘Reminder’ button

• On the next page, enter all the information (Date, Time, and Name) that required. Then tap on the ‘Does not repeat’ button. A popup will appear with several options. Select ‘Every year’ so that you get the reminder each year. Remember to set the reminder before their actual birth date. If you want you can set multiple reminders

• At last, tap on the ‘Save’ button from the top right corner of the screen

That’s all. From now on, you will be notified every year of your friend’s birthday.


Last Words:

If you want automatic notifications then you can use third-party apps. However, there are not many good apps for that. You can try either of these apps though- Contact Events & Birthdays PRO and Contact Events & Birthdays Free. Even though, we recommend the manual method.

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