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How to Get Rid of Reminders with Taskful



With the endless amount of apps and data on our phone, at the end of the day, most of our notifications amount to an endless scroll of reminders. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you didn’t just dismiss all of your notifications off the bat? If you’re like most people, after a while, you stop looking at your notifications and hope to never see another reminder again


While notifications on iOS might be fundamentally broken, what with all notifications being given equal importance, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Taking into account the fact that most of us don’t complete all our tasks in one go, Taskful is on the scene in order to remedy the most egregious aspects of the iOS notification mess.


Taskful is a smart to-do list and task manager app. It helps you make sure you’re staying on track and meeting your personal deadlines. Though you may have an endless amount of tasks to do this week, Taskful gives you a breakdown of what needs to be completed today. That way, you stay focused on today’s tasks and not get overwhelmed by the other things you have to do later in the week.


Taskful can take on any task whether it be counting your steps, making sure you read the chapter of your university textbook or reminding you to drink water.


How Does Taskful Work?


What makes Taskful different than other task manager apps is that it allows you to customize your reminders. Users can select certain days of the week for reminders and Taskful will display the tasks that you need to complete for that day. In addition, it also leaves out future tasks you have to complete. So, if you’re someone who is getting overwhelmed by looking at their endless list of tasks, this app would help you out by staying focused on what you need to today.


Because Taskful is a smart task manager, this also means you’ll need to invest some time is properly inputting information. Taskful will not be able to properly manage your tasks unless you give it enough detailed information to work with.


If you’ve used Apple’s Reminders app before, then you’ll understand how Taskful works since they share some similar traits.


Taskful, like Apple’s own Reminders app, is based on categories in order to sort items. For example, Taskful has categories such as Urgent, Finance, Work, etc. All categories are displayed with a specific color as well for the easier organization. However, this is the only similarity between Taskful and Apple’s Reminder app. With Taskful, for example, in order to file a task, you simply swipe left and right to change the category of your task. While you’re filling out task information, the app is analyzing the task and using the information given to suggest measuring sticks for the task. Essentially, it helps you to even alert you in how long each task will take you to complete. As you’re completing your task, you can tap it and it will show you your progress. Truly, Taskful cannot be compared to any other task management app on the market right now.


Additional Features


As a smart task manager app, of course, it’s capable of more than just reminding you when to do things. Taskful also can act as a step tracker. Using Healthkit data, with your permission of course, the app can also track your step count and remind you to exercise if you have walked less than 600 steps that day.  Furthermore, Taskful also comes with a lot of customizations such as built-in dark mode.


In the world of task managing apps, Taskful has made itself one of the leading apps on the market. The versatility of Taskful is what makes this app exceptional. It’s available on iPhone and iPad for $1.99. Buy your copy today!

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