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How to make an iPhone screen recording with and without sound

iPhone recording


There's a very simple way to record your iPhone's screen. In fact, you don't have to use any third-party software to do that. The screen recording function is built into your iPhone. Added to that, you can also record your screen with external sound.

We have described the whole process in this step by step guide below. The process is so simple. So, if you want to record your iPhone screen, start reading the rest of this post.


Steps to follow:

• Go to the screen which you want to record and swipe up your from the bottom of the screen to bring out the ‘Control Center’

• Then tap on the ‘Screen Record/ button. A 3 seconds countdown will begin instantly. After the countdown ends, the recording will start

• When the recording begins, a red bar will appear across the top edge of your screen. This means your recording is in progress

• You can tap that ‘Red Bar’ to stop the recording. After you tap the ‘Red bar’, you will see a prompt asking ‘Stop Screen Recording?’. You can tap on ‘Stop’ to end the recording session. Otherwise, tap on ‘Cancel’ to continue recording

Now, if you want to record external audio as well, you can do that with ease. Let’s see how.


How to record iPhone screen with External Sound:

Press and hold the ‘Screen Recording/ button from the ‘Control Center’

• Then you will see a ‘Microphone’ icon. Tap that icon to turn on the microphone of your phone. From that point, it will record external sound

• Lastly, tap on ‘Start Recording’ button

• If you don't want to record external sound then tap on the ‘Microphone’ button once more. It will deactivate the microphone

There’s a chance, you might not find the ‘Screen Recording/ button on the ‘Control Center’. If that is the case for you, it needs to be manually added. Here’s how to do it.


How to add ‘Screen Recording’ button:

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your iPhone

Tap on the ‘Control Center’ button and then tap on the ‘Customize Controls’ button

• On the next page, look for the ‘Screen Recording’ button under the ‘More Controls’ tab. After you have found it, tap on the ‘Plus/+’ sign next to it

• In doing so, the ‘Screen Recording’ button will go under the ‘Include’ tab. Usually, it will be on the last spot, you can drag it to move to an upper spot if you want to

If you have followed the above instructions, you will find the ‘Screen Recording' button on the ‘Control Center' now. We believe that you can record anything from your iPhone screen with ease from now on.

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