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How to Print from Your Android Phone or Tablet

Cloud Printing


With an Android, you’re able to do just about anything with it. You can store music, download crazy apps, have giant word documents store on it – the options are endless. But, did you know that you can print from your phone or tablet device? Well, now you know. If you don’t have your wifi printer enabled, well, you’re missing out. Now, this doesn’t mean you can print wirelessly, but it does mean that Google created a way for you to link your printer up with your Chrome account so you can move your documents and print them with ease. In the beginning, the set up can be slightly confusing, though once you have the completed, it’s smooth sailing from there.


Connect to Google Cloud Print


First of all, you need to make sure that your printer is capable of supporting Bluetooth and wifi, as if you’re using an older printer, you may not be able to do this. You’ll first need to register your printer with Google Cloud Print, connecting it to the internet. Then on, you’ll be able to operate your printer from anywhere, so long as you have a decent connection.


To connect your printer to Google Cloud Print, you’ll need to do this:


1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer

2. Log into Chrome with your account information

3. Click the menu on the upper-right hand corner of the window

4. Select Settings

5. Click on Show advanced settings

6. Scroll down to Google Cloud Print and click on Manage

7. Select Add Printers

8. You’ll be shown a list of printers, click the one you want to add by clicking Add Printers.


How to Print from the Phone


If you don’t have Google Print on your device, then you’ll need to download it. Even though you have the app, you don’t need it in order to print out documents from your printer. Though it does make it more convenient when using the app. You need to make sure that your Google account is linked with your phone, using the same steps listed above.


Now in order to print a document, these are the steps.

1. Open a document that you’d like to print, this can be anything on your Google Drive

2. Select the Menu button which is three dots on the top-right corner

3. Click Print, you’ll be taken to a new page

4. Click the down arrow that’s right of Save as PDF

5. Then, select the printer you want to print the document from. If you can’t find it, click the Add printers which will provide you with a list of printers that are connected

6. Once you have everything selected, click the print button which is the light blue circle that looks like a printer.


Printing Web Pages or Gmail Messages


You can print web pages and Gmail messages as well through Google Cloud Print. The process is almost the same.


1. Open your Gmail account or Google Chrome

2. Select the page you’d like to print, then click the Menu button which is the three dots on the top right corner

3. A list of options will drop down, Choose Print

4. You’ll be taken to the printing page, where you will select the right printer.

5. Click Print when you’re ready


Printing has never been made easier now that you have Google Cloud Print. Regardless of where you are, you’ll be able to print documents ahead of time and prepare printer papers without having to stand around and wait for them to be printed. Save your time and energy by using Google Cloud Print and have everything completed ahead of time right in the palm of your hand.


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