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How to Record Calls on iOS

Record Call


Have you ever wanted or needed to record a phone call on your iPhone? Of course, most of us thought it was impossible which it most ways it is. Naturally, for privacy reasons, Apple does not allow their users the ability to record phone conversations with iPhone stock features and apps. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot download an app or download external hardware such as a microphone to your iPhone in order to record a call. If you’re interested in learning how to record calls on an iOS device, we’re going to teach you how in this article.


In this article, we’re going to show you the two ways you can record a phone call on an iOS device, either via a call-recording app or an external program/hardware.


Using a Call-Recording App


In order to find a call-recording app, you need to access the Apple Store on your iOS device. The Apple Store is a blue app with the white letter “A” on it. Your Apple Store app is usually on your Home Screen. Tap on it in order to open it. Once you’re in the Apple Store, you’re going to tap on Search. It’s on the bottom-right side of the screen with a magnifying glass above it, tap on it. When you tap on the search bar, you can search “phone call recording”. It’ll show you a list of call-recording apps available as well as the price and their quality rating. We suggest apps such as TapeACall Pro, Call Recorder or Call Recording by NoNotes. These apps, depending on what features you’re looking for vary in price.


Once you decide on the app you’re going to download, tap on Get which will be on the right-hand side of the app. If you have to purchase the app, it’ll show the price of the app instead of the word “get”. Then, you’re going to tap Install, which will be the same button as “get”.


If you’re already logged into your Apple account, then you will not have to enter your Apple ID. However, if you’re not logged in before you can download the app, you’ll have to enter your username and password.


Once the app has downloaded, you’ll need to launch the app from your Home Screen. WIthin the app, you’ll have to set it up with the information it needs. Then, after that’s completed, you should make a test call on the app and see if it works properly. Play your recording back and play around with the features it offers so you become familiar with them.


Using External Program/Hardware


If you’re unable to download an app on your iOS device, you can always use another hardware if you have one available. An iPad, computer with a microphone or another smartphone can be used to record calls while you’re on your iOS device. Recorders are usually called “QuickTime Player,” “Audacity” or “Sound Recorder” on other devices.


Place your iPhone in front of you, on speakerphone and make sure you’re in a quiet space. You’re then going to take your other hardware device and place it next to it, making sure that the microphone is close to the speakers. Once it’s in place, you can launch the recording application, usually by tapping on “New Recording”. Make sure you’re recording prior to making the phone call, you can even do a test call to make sure everything is audible.


On your iPhone, to make a phone call, you tap on the phone icon that’s on your Home Screen. You’ll be provided a keypad where you can search for the person or number and then you simply hit “call”/. Then, tap on Speaker, this icon is on the top-right hand corner of the call screen and will put your call on speakerphone so that the recording device will pick it up.


It’s important to inform the caller that you are recording the call or else you could face legal issues. If they do not allow you to record them, you will have to cancel the call. Now that you know how to record a phone call, play around with and find the best solution for you.

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