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How to reset your Notes password on iPhone, iPad and Mac



Do you take notes using the ‘Notes’ app on your iOS or Mac devices? This is a neat way to organize your ideas. One of the handy features of the ‘Notes' app is that you can lock any notes with a password. However, it is possible to forget the password anytime.

If that’s the case for you, don't be worried. Because you can easily reset your password. And, right now, we will share how to reset the password of ‘Notes' app on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. So, let's go.


Method for iPhone and iPad:

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your phone and tap on ‘Notes’ from there

Tap on the ‘Password’ button

• Next, you have to tap on the ‘Reset Password’ button

• Now, you will see a pop up where you need to enter the password for your Apple ID and click on ‘OK’

• At that point, you will see a warning will pop up. However, tap on ‘Reset Password’ once again

• In doing so, you will be taken to the ‘Set Password’ section. Complete the ‘Password’, ‘Verify’, and ‘Hint’ fields and tap ‘Done’

• That is all.


Method for Mac:

Navigate to the menu bar and click on the ‘Notes’ button and then click on ‘Preferences’

• Now, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button from the right bottom corner of the popup window

• A new pop up window will appear with a warning. To skip, click on ‘OK’

• Now, you have to enter the password for your Apple ID and click ‘OK’

• Next, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button again

• At that moment, you will have to enter the new password and a hint on the popup window and click on the ‘Set Password’ button


An alternative method for Mac:

This method will work if you already have locked notes but forgot the password. So, here we go.

• Go and create a new note and try to lock that

• You will be asked for the password to lock the note. As you don’t know the password you can enter anything and click on ‘OK’

• You have to try 3 times and after 3 wrong attempts you will be shown the ‘Hint’ of your password

• Also, the ‘Reset Password’ button will appear on that window. Now, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button

• After that, you have to enter your password for your Apple ID and reset the password as we have described on the previous section

We hope that was easy. If you have followed the instructions above, you can easily reset the password of the ‘Notes’ app from this moment. And if you do reset the password, we highly recommend to include a ‘Hint’, so that you can remember your password more easily.

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