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How to restore your apps and settings to a new Android phone

Restore Android


Restoring your data on a new android phone is so simple. If you have got a new Android phone, you might want to restore all the settings from your previous phone. But, as first, you need to take backup from your previous phone.

In this post, we will tell you how to backup and restore data on an Android phone. So, let’s get started.


Backup data from your old phone:

• Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your Android phone. You can access ‘Settings’ from the notification bar easily

• Now, scroll and tap on the ‘System’ button from the next page

• Then, tap on the ‘Backup’ button

• Make sure that the ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option is toggled on

• Now, if you are connected to the internet, your apps data and settings will be backed up to your Google drive account

This is how you start backing up data from your Android phone. Now, you might not find the ‘Backup’ option on your phone. Depending on the Android version and the manufacturer of your phone, the ‘Settings’ menu layout could be different.

However, you need to find the equivalent of the ‘Backup’ option. That might be labeled as ‘Backup and Restore’ or ‘Backup and Reset’ on your particular phone. Whatever the case, select that option and enable the backup process from there.


Restore data on your new phone:

• Switch ON your new phone. And from the welcome page, select the language

• Then, tap on the ‘Let’s Go’ option

Tap on the ‘Copy your data’ button from the next page

• Then connect to a ‘Wi-Fi network’. If you prefer mobile data then you don't need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. However, we recommend Wi-Fi network for this

• You will find several options to restore the data from the cloud on the next page. Tap on the ‘A backup from the cloud’ option

• And sign in to the Google Account where you have taken the backup of your previous phone

• Then tap on ‘I agree’ button from the bottom

• Next, you will find multiple backups. Select the one you want to restore and tap on ‘Restore’ button

• That's all. You can proceed with setting up your phone from there. And, in the background, your data will be restored

We hope this was easy. You have to remember, the settings layout and the name of the options might be different from version to version even in case of the restoring process. But, the basic process will be similar for every version of Android. So, try this method out, if you have got a new Android device.

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