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How to speed up Apple Watch software updates dramatically

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Technology is amazing and can do some pretty cool things that make your life a little easier as each day passes. But sometimes, technology isn’t as quick as we want it to be, considering we’re in the 21st century. When you’re downloading watchOS software on your Apple watch, the process can be very slow, even gruelling at times.


At best, it can take anywhere from a half an hour or more to have the software data sent to your watch which is a pretty long time, especially when you need to use it. For many people, they try to make sure that they only update their watch when they know they have a couple hours to spare since you can never really know how long the updates will take. Why? Well, the time needed to update and send the installer to your watch relies heavily on the size of the watchOS software update you’re installing and the Apple watch you have. Of course, newer models have improved processors which can handle updates at a faster pace, plus, ensure less network interference which has an effect on the wireless data transfer.


You may be wondering if there’s a way to increase the speed on your watchOS, making it faster for the watchOS installer files to be sent to your Apple Watch. Well, the answer is yes.


Firstly, turning your Bluetooth toggle off will automatically increase the watchOS software updates on your Apple Watch. This is because Apple Watch automatically has Bluetooth set as a priority over wifi, thus, you need to disable your Bluetooth in order for the transfer to occur quickly. This will force your Apple Watch to connect to your iPhone via wifi which is substantially faster than Bluetooth.


1. Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to the charger and make sure it’s also 50% charged as well. You’ll want to make sure that the Apple Watch is a few inches away from your paired iPhone. Again, double check that the wifi and Bluetooth are both enabled on your watch and iPhone.

2. Then, open the watch app on your iPhone

3. Tap on my watch

4. Then tap on general

 5. In the new window, tap on software updates. Now, if your iPhone has already downloaded the new watchOS update, you’ll see a red badge on the watch’s app icon in the app on the home screen.

 6. Now, if there’a new watchOS update, then you’ll see the version number and release notes on the next screen. If you wish to continue the update process, you’ll need to tap on Download and Install. If you’re asked to enter your password, enter it.

 7. You’ll see that the watch app will be preparing the downloaded watchOS installer on your watch. A message will pop up and it’ll say “Estimated time remaining” at the top of the screen. This will provide you with a rough estimation of time remaining for the download to be complete. Make sure that you don’t disable Bluetooth until the remaining estimate appears.

8. Now, open the settings app on your iPhone.

9. Select Bluetooth from the list of options.

10. Then, you’ll want to slide the switch which says Bluetooth, turning it off. Do not disable Bluetooth through Control Center because that won’t help.

11. After you switch it off, the Bluetooth will be fully disabled on your iPhone.

12. A message will pop up, stating that you should reconnect to your watch. You’ll want to tap cancel to continue the process.

13. Now, the Bluetooth is unavailable, thus, the Watch app will rely on your wifi network. This can happen only if both your watch and phone have wifi enabled in settings and are both connected to the same network. You’ll notice that the estimated time will decrease drastically as a result of using wifi rather than Bluetooth.

14. Now, tap Install in the Watch app. If you’re asked to enter your password, enter it.

15. You’ll need to wait for the “progress wheel” to appear on your watch. If this happens, your iPhone is no longer needed for the rest of the update as the downloaded installer files have already been transferred.

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