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How to temporarily stop “Hey Siri” from listening on iPhone or iPad without changing any settings

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If you have an Apple device, then you’re well aware of how “Hey Siri” allows you to perform functions based on voice commands even when it’s disconnected from power. Now at first, this sounds like an amazing feature, however, some people don’t enjoy the fact that they have a feature listening to all their conversations. In addition, “Hey Siri” will be able to pick up its name if said by someone who’s nearby your device, summoning Siri whether you wanted to or not. So, if you want to temporarily stop Siri from listening on iPhone or iPad, it’s possible to do so without changing the settings. Let’s teach you how to achieve this.


How to disable “Hey Siri” temporarily


If you’re not interested in having Siri listening to your conversations, you can actually turn off “Hey Siri” temporarily without having to go into your settings and disable it completely. In order to achieve this, all you have to do is place your iPhone or iPad face down on any surface and it’ll stop listening and responding to “Hey Siri” unless it’s connected to power. It’s that easy.


Anyone will be able to say “Hey Siri” as many times as they’d like and Siri will not respond so long as the device is laid face down. Of course, as soon as you lift up your phone, “Hey Siri” is activated immediately.


If you tried this but it’s not working then you need to check your Fitness Tracking has been enabled on your device. In order to check this, you’ll want to go to Settings → Privacy → Motion & Fitness.


This method is much easier and less time consuming than to completely disabling “Hey Siri” through settings. Once you disable Siri, the re-enabling process requires you to go through the entire “Hey Siri” training session again. And, you’ll have to go through the training session each time you re-enable “Hey Siri.” Therefore, disabling “Hey Siri” by having your device placed face down will have no effect on the enabling and re-enabling process as you’re not actually changing any of the functions. In addition, you’ll be able to access “Hey Siri” by either the Home or Side button.


Another method to temporarily disable “Hey Siri” is by enabling iOS’s Low Power mode which will not only turn off “Hey Siri” temporarily but will also turn off other system functions you are using such as background updates and automatic downloads. So, this is also achievable as well, however, keep in mind that other functions are also disabled.


How does this work?


Whether your iPhone is in your pocket, in a cover, or laid face down on the table, “Hey Siri” doesn’t respond to any commands. But, how does this work? This is a part of the Facedown Detection which is supported by iOS 9 and later.


Facedown Detection is designed with a built-in ambient light and proximity sensors, thus, it has the ability to sense if it’s face down on the table or not. This feature aids in saving you battery life as it prevents the screen from turning on when a notification arrives to your device. Now, if your device is laid face up on a surface, when your device receives a notification, your screen lights up, notifying you of your message. So, Facedown Detection also helps in ensuring that you save extra battery life.


The Facedown Detection feature requires a proximity sensor (located near the earpiece) and Apple’s M-series motion coprocessor. With these two components, Facedown Detection is able to function properly with any update Apple device.


It’s amazing how to technology has come this far and Apple’s “Hey Siri” and Facedown Detection is another example of the progress that’s been made in technology. “Hey Siri” is automatically shut off when placed face down or in your pocket and Facedown Detection is able to sense all these actions without disrupting your device’s activity.

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