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How to use Face ID



Move over TouchID, there’s a new and convenient way of unlocking your phone on the scene. With the introduction of the iPhone X — a phone which features a bezel-to-bezel screen and no home button, Face ID has quickly become Apple’s favorite new feature, but what does it mean for the end user? If you’re familiar with Touch ID then you can probably guess what Face ID is. Face ID is an advanced facial recognition technology that uses VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diodes) in order to allow you access to your device using little other than your face. In addition, not only will you be able to unlock your phone with Face ID, you’ll also be able to pay with Apple Pay and create even create convey facial expressions with 3D emojis. Sounds pretty neat, right? As with everything Appel does, Face ID is likely to become a standard on all future iPad and iPhone models, meaning that it’s important for everyone to learn how to use it — not just folks who ordered the iPhone X.


How to Set up Face ID


Setting up your Face ID is quite simple. First of all, go into your Settings app. Once in Settings tap on Passcode & Face ID. From there, you’ll be able to set up your account and manage features.


To get started, you’ll need to tap on Enroll Face, an option which you’ll find under the Face ID heading. Once you tap on Enroll settings, tap on Get Started. There you’ll be taken through instructions in which you follow in order to complete the set up.


To allow Face ID to properly scan your face, make sure you move your head slowly while looking at the screen. When the circle is complete, your face has been completely scanned. Once completed, you’ll be able to use your Face ID to unlock your iPhone/iPad.


How to Use Face ID


If you’re looking to simply unlock your iPhone/iPad, it’s really simple. You just pick up your phone and look at the screen. In order to tell that your iPhone/iPad is locked, you’ll see a padlock icon on your screen where you’ll also be able to see notifications and unread messages.


If you want to access your Home screen, you just need to slide your finger up from the bottom of your screen. Just to let you know, your face doesn’t have to be directly in front of the iPhone/iPad, it can also be on an angle. In addition, you cannot unlock your iPhone/iPad unless you’re in front of it, so if you’re on the other side of the room, it won’t work. You need to be in an appropriate range and the iPhone/iPad must be awake.


Face ID also keeps your screen lit as long as you’re looking at it. This feature is called Attention Awareness which you can either disable or enable (you’ll find this in your settings app). Another great feature of Face ID is that when you look at your device when the alarm goes off, it’ll lower the volume since it detects that you’re awake.


What Can Face ID Be Used For?


Here are some of the features that you’ll be able to use Face ID for:


iPhone/iPad unlock: You’ll be able to unlock your phone using your face.

Auto-lock: You can keep your screen lit while using it.

iTunes and App store purchases: You can make app and music purchases

Apple Pay: You can make an approved checkout via facial recognition

Alarms and Ringers: Lower alarms and ringers by looking at the screen

Messages and Notifications: You’ll be able to open messages and display notifications while the iPhone/iPad is on Lock screen.

Safari Autofill: You can unlock Safari saved passwords to use online

Animoji: You can create emojis using your own voice and facial expressions


We hope this gave you a better insight to the Apple’s newest technology, Face ID. As you can see, Face ID makes everything just that more convenient and secure. We can’t wait for it to grace all Apple devices!

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