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How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

Drawing apps are generally a bit of a mixed bag. You see, while drawing on a regular computer can be enhanced by using intricate Photoshop tools and a mouse, drawing with your fingers tends to be a bit on the difficult side. You especially know this if you’ve ever tried to play the addictive (yet very difficult on a tiny phone) game Draw Something. However, is there an app that can make drawing on phones just the slightest bit easier? I’m not sure. I haven’t begun reviewing this one yet. Let’s take a look at Sketch N Go for Android devices.


What Is Sketch N Go?

Sketch N Go is, at a glance, your basic drawing app. Most of these kinds of applications will generally have a very Microsoft Paint kind of feeling to them, with a few basic tools for drawing and editing. But how do you use such an app? Well, let’s find out! In the next section! Right now!


How Do You Use It?

As soon as you start up the app, you’re presented with a blank sheet of paper. From there, you may tap the settings button in the top left to change up your color or brush. Additionally, you can choose to save the drawing to your device or even share it through texting or social media.


The Bottom Line

Sketch N Go is one of the better drawing apps I’ve reviewed. While it still suffers from the fact that it’s difficult to use as a mobile drawing app, there’s definitely some good alternatives for basic drawing. For example, certain brushes allow you to draw with full shapes, meaning you can create intricate pieces of art that look much less sloppy than your usual mobile drawing app. And in case I didn’t make it clear enough, mobile drawing apps are hard to get precise. (But Sketch N Go does it pretty well.)

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