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iPhone XS and XS Max Prices



The newly launched iPhones are must-haves for smartphone enthusiasts. With a brand new design as well as added performance and features, these devices may very well be considered unparalleled in the market right now.

The phones are both now available in a variety of countries all over the world. These include nations such as Canada, China, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UAE, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, and US Virgin Islands. Additionally, while not available during the initial launch date, the phone has come to the following countries as well:  Bahrain, Bulgaria, Andorra, Armenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland,  Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Malta, Monaco, Oman, Georgia, Poland, Slovenia and South Africa. As time goes by other regions will have a direct access to the XS and XS Max. This coverage will meet the set objectives for Apple to avail the elite smart technology to a maximum number of people to make their lives easier with the individual applications from a guaranteed smartphone with a long lifespan.

The $999 price range for the XS is basically for the 64 GB storage capacity iPhone. To get the 256 GB XS you will have to spend more as it costs $1,149 while the 512 GB XS has a market value of $1,349. Despite the storage capacity, the three have standard features. You will need to assess your storage requirement based on your overall phone utility. For the XS Max, the $1,099 price range will get you the 64 GB version but for the increased storage devices, you will also have to spend a little bit more. The 256 GB XS Max has the market value of $1,249 while the 512 GB version will set you back $1,449. From this iPhones, you have the option to choose from three fine finishes. Such include gold, silver and space grey all of which are sleek and stylish complementing all the next generation features within the phone. It is also important to note that the XS and XS Max have more or less similar features the only contrast being the display size XS Max as the name would suggest having a wider display. The two models also have stainless steel exteriors to add up to their list of premium features.

The price ranges for the XS and the XS Max have created some debate especially in the online platforms but a thorough review of what the iPhones have to offer will Cleary show that a buyer will get their money’s worth in accruing either of this smartphones. The cut edge technology used to develop the new iPhones will provide you service for many years with a minimal chance of being made obsolete by alternative trends. The futuristic applications give you a more personalized service and the elaborate display makes you enjoy features like 4k videos, games and taking top quality pictures. Many of the attributes for the new iPhones are modifications and improvements from previous versions but the overall design is a technological leap. For iPhone lovers who feel that the prices for the XS series are on the higher end, there are multiple alternatives to choose from Apple. The new iPhone XR is quite desirable and makes its entry to the market at the price range of $749 for the 64 GB capacity device, $799 for the 128 GB storage capacity XR and lastly $899 for the 256 GB capacity XR. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, your timing is just perfect as now you can be a proud owner of the most advanced iPhones created by Apple.

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