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Learn How To Locate Your Lost Android Smartphone Easily




Concerned about misplacing the phone or (even worse) having it stolen? Alleviate your worries and set up a monitoring system before the worst case scenario arises. In order to ensure the best outcomes when it comes to locating your phone, your device ought to be linked to a WiFi signal; yet mobile networks and GPS will still find a way to pinpoint a reasonably accurate location. Also, you must own a “Google account” for almost all the tracking services accessible, whether they're downloaded or built in.


How To Find Your Phone Utilizing Google?

The majority of Android phones currently come with the “Find My Device” (previously Android Device Manager) integrated. This service can instantly track the location of your phone, therefore if it at any time goes missing then you can easily hop on the laptop or even a friend's Smartphone and find its final known area, ring your Smartphone if it is close by and you require a clue, or lock and erase the phone in case you fear this has been thieved.


How To Allow Find My Device On The Phone?

In the newer “Android” Smartphones, a “shortcut” to Find My Device service is currently located easily in the Settings app, yet you may still have to download the Find My Device from Google-Play-Store for getting this setup. This locating system has essentially blended with the Google so that you can find your phone easily. There are simply a few things you will have to activate. Here's how;

• Launch the Settings

• Touch “Security & lock” screen

• Touch Device administrators

• Touch Find My Device to ensure that a “check-mark” shows up in checkbox

• Touch the “back” key in top left part of the screen

• Touch the “back” key again in top left part to go back to main “Settings” menu

• Touch Location in main “Settings” menu

• Touch the switch next to Location on top of screen to ensure that it activates

• Touch Mode

• Touch High accuracy, therefore, the “circle” is completed

• Touch the back key in top left part

• Touch “Google-Location-History”

• Touch the switch under “Location History” to ensure that it activates

• Touch the switch next to your device thus it activates


How To Find Your Phone Using Google?

In case you have lost your phone, then you can easily locate its location by signing into the “Google account” via any PC as well as from another Smartphone.

• Launch a browser from a computer, tablet or phone

• Browse

• If required, enter the email and password simply as if you were browsing your email. In case you have Two-step verification built on the Google account (you most definitely should), you will need to finish that procedure too.


With The Find My Device Open, You'll Have 3 Options To Select From:

1. You are able to play an audio to ensure that it makes sound (even though you had this on silent). Not to mention, this function is beneficial in case the map shows that the Smartphone is within the earshot as well as you just can't see this.

2. You can also secure the device to ensure the finder cannot access the home screen. At the same time, this function is most useful if your Smartphone was not secured previously with fingerprint sensor or passcode.

3. You can easily erase the phone. It is the ideal option in case you know definitely that you are not likely to get your phone.

In case your Smartphone is found or stolen and it is then “factory-reset”, you'll not have the ability to depend on any services or apps to find this; a “factory-reset” will eliminate all original data, passwords or accounts which are required to find the Android phone remotely.

As usually, exercise caution whenever retrieving a stolen or lost phone. In case you have concerns about this being stolen or lost, it is far better setup and test the preferred monitoring system the moment you purchase it and call the police. I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you leave your opinions in the comment box below.


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