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Navigate Indoor Mall & Airport Floorplans in Apple Maps for iOS 11



If you’re a traveler, then you’re probably looking a phone that’ll help you out while you’re on the road. You don’t want to struggle or have to run through airports, trying to find your gate, especially in new airports. Well, Apple has made huge leaps forward in this regard with their iOS 11 update. In Apple’s new iOS 11 systems, they included intricate floor plans for airports and shopping centers in their Maps app.


Instead of having to plan ahead or look at a public map, Apple gives their users the comfort and control of knowing the shopping mall and airport layouts whenever they need. Spending your time looking for assistance or a public directory just wastes time and induces stress which isn’t needed in any of those circumstances. In addition, you don’t need to download a third-party app to give you a map for shopping malls and airports.


If English isn’t your first language, Apple has  recognized limitations that people have and decided to accommodate and make it easier for everyone when using their Maps app. So, instead of fumbling through their app in a foreign language, you can actually have the text displayed in your own native language. That way, you save yourself the extra stress and hassle of trying to navigate yourself in a language that you’re not comfortable in.


What Else Does Apple's Maps App Have to Offer?


Apple’s Maps app is very well designed and what we mentioned above is only a slice of what it has to offer users. Aside from being offered in your native language and having it automatically offered on your iPhone, it offers many advantages. We’re going to show you some right now.


Detailed Maps


You’re given the opportunity to not only view floor plans of shopping malls and airports on a basic level, you’re able to view the floor plans on individual floors. You can easily zoom in and out without any problems.


Place Cards


Not only are you able to view each floor of the airport or shopping mall in detail, you’re also able to view the place cards for businesses. The map will show you where each business is located and if you tap on a business, a card will pop up showing you all necessary operational information, ratings and contact options.


Search Directory


You’ll also be able to search for any locations inside shopping centers and airports using the search directory. In the app, you simply tap on “Browse”  at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to simply type in the store's name. It’ll show you store or possible places you’d find interesting based on your needs and budget.


Security Checkpoint and Airport Gates


When you’re transferring to your next flight, you usually don’t have that much time. The Maps app you’ll be able to view each security checkpoint and airport gate via a floorplan. That way, you’ll know ahead of time where you have to go and how many checkpoints you’ll have to go through. This will help you ease the anxiety of being in a new airport and also help you reduce any unforeseen delays.


Now, the Maps app isn’t yet offered worldwide, however, do focus on the main terminals and destinations for travelers. Here’s a list of cities which are included in Apple’s Maps app:


Washington, DC

Tokyo, Japan

San Francisco, CA

London, UK

Hong Kong, China

Chicago, IL

San Jose, CA

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA


The list of cities will continue to grow each month, and, within time, you’ll see additional cities being added to the Maps app.


Take advantage of the Maps app if you’re in one of these cities as it can come in handy when you’ll be running through the airport, late for your flight, or trying to find your favorite shop in an enormous shopping center.

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