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Our Top Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case Picks



Ever since the release of the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung, it has continued to generate a lot of sensationalism in the smartphone markets all over the world. This can be attributed to its premium features as well as its stylish physical appeal. The performance of the phone is always great as long as the battery holds the charge. Battery cases ensure you get the best out of your smartphone by extending its battery life for a sustainable service. There are multiple battery cases offered in the market today ranging from Mophie Juice Pack and ZeroLemon SlimPower. We will guide you to get the best case accessible to you in the market today.

Top Price Battery Case Mophie 2950mAh Juice Pack 

Mophie company has earned itself quite a reputation with its quality battery cases hence can charge top dollar but all the same worth every penny. It avails to you a considerable battery capacity through the day and is designed stylishly to complement your Galaxy Note 8. The company fully stands behind its product offering you a reliable customer service for any arising queries. The market value of Mophie is $100.

Modular Battery Case Mophie Charge Force Case Coupled with Powerstation

The Charge Force Case is another recommendable option from the same trusted company. The exterior design of the case is admirable incorporating a stylish trim of leather with a plastic body that is reinforced and to top it up, it has magnetic properties. It utilizes the Qi cordless charging system to fill up the Samsung Note 8. The battery pack is detachable hence you can remove once done charging. This is offered at a pocket-friendly price of $50.

Huge Capacity Battery Case ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power

The ultra power is relatively larger than all the other models but packs a higher affinity of charge hence securing your battery for extended durations. This is highly recommended for users of Note 8 who are always on the road for long hours. Its exterior is designed with rubber which shields it from physical impact making it very durable. The market value for the ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power is $71 only.

Slim Fit Battery Case ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower

This caters to all your battery needs and is exceptionally light making it very convenient to carry around. It provides you with half the capacity of charge when compared to other described models but it is readily affordable and pocket-friendly making it suitable for users of Samsung Note 8 who do not travel frequently. It also features a sleek design and has a market value of $30 only.

Runsy Battery Case 6500mAh

This also features a very slim design outdoing the ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower when it comes to pocket friendliness. The Runsy has also received a favorable feedback from different users indicating a great performance over an extended period of time. It is currently valued at $50 making it a preferential choice for many Samsung smartphone users.

PowerBear Battery Case 4500mAh

The PowerBear is another informed choice for Galaxy Note 8 users as it gives them the best value for their money. With a power affinity of 4500mAh, it is guaranteed to give you steady charge for long durations. Its exterior also features a superior design that gives it a good feel on the hands. It is also very affordable setting you back only $30 and offered with a screen guard and a two-year limited warranty.

Galaxy Note 8 users are advised to be keen when selecting battery cases as it is easy to purchase a substandard product in the current market. The battery cases we recommend are however proven to be effective and perform exemplary.

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