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OxygenOS + The OnePlus 6: Top 9 Features You Need To Know



OxygenOS is the best implementation of Android available currently. Hands down. Instead of providing a heavily tailor-made interface similar to its Chinese competitors, OnePlus has maintained things straightforward, adding a couple of distinguishing features on the top of a “vanilla” interface. You will find enough gestures and tweaks which let you personalize your experience, yet the emphasis is on the performance.


1. Navigation Gestures:

The OxygenOS includes a set of awesome gestures which let you execute certain actions without difficulty. The 3-finger “swipe-down” gesture for taking a “screenshot” is a stylish option to the by-default method of having a “screenshot”, as well as you can additionally control songs playback and start apps with the gestures.

There is my favorite gesture which lets you capture a picture by long pushing on camera sensor. This is very useful if you have a tendency to take the “self-portraits” with back camera.


2. Reading Mode:

The “Reading-Mode” made its excellent debut a year ago with OnePlus 5 as well as is one of the best features on the OxygenOS. Similar to Night Mode, this feature calibrates color temperature automatically of display, making this good to reading.

Rather than switching to the warmer colors, this Reading Mode makes a black and white effect that is ideal for reading textual content. You can easily activate this mode by hand or set this to launch for particular apps automatically. For instance, in case you have Kindle application installed on the OnePlus 6, then you can easily enable the “Reading-Mode” to launch instantly as soon as you open the application, leaving other user interface same.


3. Gaming Mode:

Surprisingly, OnePlus has presented a “Gaming-DND-mode” recently, and with OnePlus 6 this mode is actually getting a change and an innovative name -the Gaming Mode.

Initiating Gaming Mode tends to silence all the incoming notifications with exception of alarms and calls. The feature additionally prioritizes the network traffic intended for games, restricting how much the bandwidth background applications can use. There is additionally an option for locking the screen brightness; therefore, it does not change throughout any gaming session.


4. Face Unlock:

Not to mention, OnePlus launched Face Unlock a year ago, and it is secure to claim that the implementation of manufacturer is the fastest around.

This “face-unlock” feature depends on more than 100 “data-points” for verifying your facial attributes, and while this feature is not as safe as fingerprint sensor – the OnePlus says while you are setting this up – this is a handy method to unlock the phone.


5. Light Bokeh And Selfie-Portrait Mode:

This OnePlus 6 features an avid camera sensor on the back which facilitates the portrait mode, however, if you are one to capture lots of selfies, this feature is available nowadays on front camera too.

Starting with the OxygenOS 5.1.6, you will have the ability to utilize portrait mode using front camera. The edge recognition for front camera is not as finely-tuned as there is just one “sensor” up-front, but this feature provides a simple way to have a “blur-effect” with the selfies.


6. Shelf:

The Shelf is found to left of home screen as well as provides you an instant overview of weather information, time and date for your latest location, together with an index of your regular contacts as well as recently-used applications.


7. App Locker:

This OxygenOS includes an integrated app locker which provides an additional layer of security to the private data, no matter if it has photos saved in gallery or even social networking applications. You will be capable of adding any application to locker, and choose whether the “notification content” can be viewed.


8. Ambient Display:

This “Lift-up” display provides you quick access to time and clock widgets, and also incoming notifications. You will manage to select from a number of clock faces as well as set a “display-message” on screen.


9. LED Notifications:

The OxygenOS permits you to personalize the “LED-notification” light for different actions. There is an option to pick from 8 colors for battery low, battery charging, and battery full indication and default notifications. You can additionally select which applications trigger “LED-notification” light.




Last but not the least, there are a number of excellent features of OxygenOS available that will blow your mind. Finally, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and start a conversation.

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