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Runner Maps: Discovering Your Running Routes



If you’re a fan of running, then you’ve probably set up your running routes in such a way that you'll always know just how many miles you'll traverse on a given run. After all, as a dedicated runner, it’s important to know the distance you’re running and the length of time it takes you to complete your route. How else will you know if you’re making good progress or not? Well, besides Runners Map that is. Never heard of it? This app makes tracking your runs a breeze, meaning that you'll be able to optimize your training and start unleashing your inner Usain Bolt.


Of course, apps as Nike+ and Runtastic have been used by runners in order to track their routes but these apps actually require you to use their interface during your workout in order to map your route and share them with your friends. That means, that you lose precious moments that you could be spending actually getting your heart pumping and your legs racing.


What Runners Map does is remove the problem other running apps encounter by separating the three main components which are usually combined: mapping ,sharing, and your running companion. What this means, in practical terms, is that Running Maps allows you to use any other app you love to workout with and, then, it takes the data from that app and puts it into its own. It even uses Healthkit data, with your permission of course, to collect your information which it can then use in order to help you plan more efficient routes. With all that being said, it should be notes that Runners Map states that they do not collect any sensitive data during the uploading process, so you can rest assured that you data won't be misused.


What Exactly Are Runners Map's Features?


Good question! So, now you know how Runners Map works, but what are the features that are included in the app? First of all, Runners Map has an interface that’s easy and simple to use. You can easily find your tracked routes and you have the ability to favorite your best or longest route.

It has an on-screen button, upload, which allows you upload your routes and share them with your friends or running community in order to share running routes.


Runners Map is more than just tracking your routes, it’s about sharing your routes with the running community and finding out people’s most popular routes within their city.


You can also apply filters to your maps in order to see things such as your exact running distance as an overlay, for example. This filter can be adjusted via a toggle, where you can choose the lower and upper distance limits. In addition, to these features, you can actually use this map retroactively, so you actually don’t need to open the app in order to record your run.


Why Do You Need Runners Map?


There are a couple great reasons to use this app. If you’re someone who likes to track their progress on specific locations on the map, Runners Map offers that ability for users. Throughout your map, you can mark locations, difficult ones, that you’ve conquered. You also let other people in on your favorite running tracks, so, it allows others to discover your routes and vice versa.  In addition, because this app is fairly new, the data on the running routes are limited which is a positive thing. Therefore, you’re able to form your own data collection for routes.


Now, the app itself is free but it should be noted that you’re able to upgrade it for $1.99. If you decide to upgrade, you’ll receive new features such as ad removal, and functional enhancements. So, of course, you can use the free version and it’s great without having to pay, however, if you’re a serious runner and you’re looking for features, then upgrading it would be a good idea. If you’re a runner, we strongly suggest that you consider giving this app a try. It’ll help you develop your running and routes and make you an even better athlete.  Download Runners Map today and start tracking your running routes!

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