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Send Any Web Content Directly to Our Email with EmailThis Premium

EmailThis Premium


The internet has given unlimited access to information around the world. That much is undeniable, and yet, sometimes, we’re unable to keep up with all the information that comes flying our way. On this big open internet of ours, there’s what appears to be an endless amount of websites which need our attention on a daily basis, and though we can bookmark them, it’s not always simple to keep track of them all — especially if you’re a heavy mobile user! Luckily, there’s an app that could help you navigate in a far more efficient manner than you’re used to. Even more so when you’re trying to get websites from your desktop over to your mobile device.


Meet EmailThis, an app which helps you save and send articles and web pages from any platform or browser that you’re using. Think of it as a bridge between all of your devices — a first step towards a seamless experience that will make you more productive, focused, and generally better at navigating the internet superhighway.


How Does EmailThis Work Exactly?


Like we said earlier, EmailThis is an allows you to save and send articles and web pages from any website, platform or browser. How this works is that happens is that EmailThis directly sends you the article or webpage you want to browse to your email as a PDF, DOCX, PPT, or Excel document. This means you’ll be able to read the article or browse the web page without having formatting or conversion issues. If you subscribe to EmailThis, you’ll be given an unlimited number of bookmarks, and thusly, you’ll be able to save and send as many articles and web pages to yourself as you’d like. EmailThis is compatible with any desktop platform or browser, as well as iOS devices and Android devices. The service aims to bring fluidity across platforms, making it easier for you to read content — no matter what platform you might be on. Period.


What does EmailThis offer?


Good question! EmailThis is a simple and minimalistic app designed to do one thing: provide you with readable content in PDF, DOCX, PPT, or Excel form that you can refer to whenever you’d like. Here are the features that EmailThis comes with:


• Save an unlimited amount of bookmarks to the app

• Access your bookmarks on any device or browser

• Save the webpage or articles as a PDF, DOCX, PPT, Excel files and images as email attachments

• Download files automatically

• Send files as email attachments for easy referral

• Have the ability to access these files 24/7

• Read documents without ads and mobile-unfriendly formatting

• Read articles and web pages on any device or desktop


If you’ve spent minutes trying to scroll through an article or web page that’s mobile-unfriendly, then you know how annoying and frustrating it can be. Most of the time, you give up with trying to read it and remind yourself to read it when you’re at your computer, but then you forget and that article goes unread. EmailThis knows exactly what happens in those cases and was created so that you can enjoy every article you want to read, regardless of the formatting on mobile and desktop devices. In addition, having these articles as documents on your device will save you some precious data and battery life.


To ring in the new season, EmailThis is offering users with a lifetime premium subscriptions to their app, on sale for over 80% off at just $29.99. Though the sale is a limited time offer, the app isn’t going anywhere. Whether you decide to jump on the special sale pricing or not, this is an app to add to your productivity arsenal!

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