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The second we access the internet, we’re already flooded with information overload coming to us from every angle. We’re expected to give our attention to all these websites offering different things. Of course, some of those websites interest us but with the limited amount of time we have in a day to go through all of them, it’s nearly impossible. So, what do we do? Instead, we bookmark them, hoping that we’ll get a chance to check out that website later. However, this can cause a problem as some webpages load differently depending on the device you’re reading it from. But waiting until you get home to look at a website from your computer isn’t convenient. This is when EmailThis comes in. EmailThis is designed to help you eliminate this problem and allow you to check out webpages from whatever device you’re using a the moment.


What is EmailThis?


EmailThis is a great way to create an easier and more efficient method to reading web pages and articles which interest you. Instead of going through the hassle of dealing with different devices and whether or not the webpage is mobile-friendly, EmailThis completely wipes out this problem. What EmailThis does is saves and sends articles and web pages from platform or browser.


So, if you find a web page or article that interests you and you want to read it later on, EmailThis will save your web page or article and send it directly to your email in PDF, DOCX, PPT or Excel form. That way, you’re able to read the content you saved without having to worry about formatting or conversion issues. Not only does this save you time but it saves you unnecessary stress and annoyance. You’ll be able to save an unlimited amount of bookmarks and download files automatically for safe keeping. It’s a clever program which allows you to read what you want when you want.


Features of EmailThis


It’s a lot to read and process, so we’re going to keep it simple. Here are the features that you’ll be receiving through EmailThis:


• Have an unlimited number of bookmarks

• Access your bookmarks on any device or browser

• Web Pages and articles are saved and sent directly to your email

• Save web pages and articles as PDF, DOCXs, PPTs, Excel files and images as email attachments

• Download files automatically

• Have files sent as emails for easy referral

• Lifetime subscription


How do you get EmailThis?


EmailThis’s services give you the freedom and hassle-free chance to read article and web pages without having to worry about conversion or formatting on any device. You’ll be able to read articles or web pages on your computer, mobile device or tablet without any worry. EmailThis offers users with a lifetime premium subscription which is currently on sale for $29.99. This means, for just $29.99, you’ll be able to use this service literally for the rest of your life without having to pay a dollar more. If you’re interested, the sale is over 80% in savings and is a limited time offer which you shouldn’t miss out on.


Whether you want to read an article now or later, you have the right to choose. EmailThis gives you the power to control what information you’re reading and when you read it. Instead of having thousands of bookmarks on your browser, waiting for the day you’ll be able to read it on a properly formatted screen, EmailThis eliminates this issue by saving and sending the articles to your email as PDF, PPT, DOCXs, Images, or Excel files. That way, you have immediate access to the articles. So whether you’re on the train or bus home, stuck in traffic or sitting in bed, you’ll be able to read the articles you saved that day without having to make time, instead, you choose when.

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