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Sending and Requesting Money using Google Pay Service



Apple Company in recent years launched the Apple Pay application which was not as successful with its Google response. The company, however, has made a complete modification integrating all its various apps and services into one complete product known as the Google Pay. For users of Android phones, this is good news as the application is the most convenient mode of mobile payment. This can be used to purchase a wide range of products and services ranging from products in stores that take NFC payments, money transactions to loved ones, boarding passes storage, tickets for events and even store different gift cards.

There are multiple applications in the market today that facilitate cash transactions from your contact list, but the Google Pay app incorporates all the features in only one simplified app making it simple to send and receive money.


Setting up Google Pay

If you already had the previous version of Android Pay installed on your phone you only need to update the application to get the new version of Google Pay. Once updated all your debit and credit cards with all the financial information for in-store payments will automatically update with the new application. If you did not have the older version, you would have to navigate to the Google play store to install the application. After a successful installation, you will be given a set of instructions to follow to set up a payment mode. This simple procedure is all that is needed for you to have an active Google Pay app. Just in case your android version is not compatible with the application Google App will inform you. Setting up the account you must have a debit card or a credit card. If not you must have an active PayPal account. For the device, it must be a non-rooted android version using all the latest software from KitKat 4.4. Other supported devices are Mac, PC or even an OS watch device with the latest Android software as described above. To start making transactions, you must have a good internet connection and an active Google account. For users of iOS devices, they are not liable to use this application as the system cannot support Google Pay. The alternative for this in such devices is the G Pay Send for all iOS in-store cash transactions.


Adding Cards to your Google Pay

After installing the Google Pay app on your Android device, you will need to sign in to the G Pay account before adding all your cards. Navigate to the card selection option located on the lower right section of your device then press on the blue plus icon on the phone. The next step is taking a picture of your preferred card and Google will automatically add it, or you can input it manually. For users who prefer using G Pay on the internet, you are liable to do so for only web pages that allow transactions using the G pay platform. Such will have a badge on the website written: “Purchase with G Pay.” All card information can be viewed and controlled from the Google Pay web page account.


Sending and Requesting Money with Google Pay

This can be done from three modes namely: –

1. Sending and requesting money using Google Pay for Android messages

2. Sending and requesting money using the Google Pay application

3. Sending and receiving money using Google Pay via the Google Assistance platform


Google Pay Transactions via Android Messages

The procedure for money transactions over Google Pay is quite simple. For instance, if you are texting with any given person and you need to send them money urgently. There is no need to exit your conversation to access Google Pay manually.

1. Launch the android messages and choose the message thread of the person you want to send money if you are not on the thread already.

2. On the bottom left of your device press on the circular + icon

3. Navigate through the options on the screen to find the Google Pay option

4. Choose whether you want to send or receive money based on the nature of the transaction

5. Input the amount you want to send

6. Press on the attach moment or the attach request option to complete the transaction.


Google Pay Transactions via the app

Making transactions via the application has been simplified hence very fast and convenient for urgent payments involving small or big sums of money. Here is what you need to do:

1. Launch the Google Pay application

2. On the bottom of your device, you will see the send bar, press on it

3. Press on the blue button for the send or request option

4. Navigate till you locate the contact you intend to transact with

5. Input the total amount you intend to request or send

6. Choose the “add note” option if you want to leave a message based on the transaction. This option is however optional.

7. Tap on the send or request option at the very bottom of your device to complete the transaction.


Google Pay Transactions via Google Assistant

Google assistant is here to help you send or request money using the Google Pay platform without necessarily launching the application. This is conveniently done through asking or voice command. For instance, if you want to request 50 dollars from Kim: –

1. You can say, “Hey Google, request 50 dollars from Kym.”

2. Check to see if the correct contact or email address has been input.

3. Continue to say the purpose of the money.

4. Say yes if everything checks out to confirm the request.

Google has been actively working on special updates for the Google Pay application to be compatible with desktops as well as smooth transactions over Google support. This is a very convenient application, and it has been readily accepted in the market with its utility stretching from departmental stores, major markets and even gas stations. Many banks also accept Google Pay as a money transaction platform not only locally but also internationally.


Making a Fast Purchase with Google Pay

If you are in a departmental store or any other shopping center, check to see the GPay logo or a picture of the NFC terminal. Make sure your Android device is unlocked and place it on the scanner. Even with the app still not launched the device will automatically start the Google App once the device is close enough or positioned appropriately. After registering a set of signing in or PIN guidelines will display on the screen for you to input. Google pay has effectively improved on older android transaction applications such as Google Wallet and Android Pay making it more convenient and fast to make purchases online, physically and even for in-app payments.


How Secure is Google Pay

Be confident when using the Google Pay application as all information and data are secured by Google in reliable servers. The details to your card cannot be readily retrieved from your phone as the card details are not stored in your device. The details are not also transferred to retailers or other shops when you transact with the platform. Dealers and merchants only get the virtual account number which cannot be used against you.

Furthermore, the virtual data presented to such merchants is always encrypted. The platform also offers you timely feedback for every transaction you make keeping you on the loop for any suspicious dealings so that you can take immediate action. The transaction confirmation report is detailed with information about the location of any given transaction, the name of the dealer and the amount involved. In case your phone has been stolen or misplaced, android device manager comes in handy to lock your mobile device or to launch the factory reset process which will deactivate the Google Pay service. After this, you can locate your device and set it up all over again. Do not hesitate to enjoy the convenience offered by G Pay; Google has all security bases covered to secure you from people with malicious intentions.

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