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The Best Way To Pair Bluetooth Keyboard With iPad That Will Blow Your Mind




How can I connect Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad or iPhone? The answer is easily. Keyboards can connect to the Bluetooth settings in just a couple of taps. Yep, it’s really that simple!

Bluetooth keyboards such as Magic Keyboard of Apple have always been high quality and keep getting considerably better. In addition to Apple’s own offerings, a number of Bluetooth keyboards designed exclusively for iPhone/iPad are also available for purchase and will likely be more than able to get the job done. While many of us have a misconception in thinking that we have to buy Apple-sanctioned products for our devices, most Bluetooth keyboards — regardless of whether they have been blessed by Cupertino — will work with your device.

Now for the “How” part. Keep reading to find out how to connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your iDevice!


How Can You Pair a Bluetooth Keyboard to an iPad And iPhone?

In order to set up a “Bluetooth-keyboard” up on iPhone and iPad, you need to navigate to your Bluetooth settings pane within the Settings app on your device. Once you have that open, follow these steps:

✓ Turn on your Bluetooth keyboard if you haven’t already.

✓ Launch “Settings” app on the iPad or iPhone

✓ Tap on Bluetooth

✓ Ensure that Bluetooth is “On”. Once it is, make sure that your device is discoverable and allow the app to work its magic.

✓ Click on the device you’re looking to connect. Once you have, iOS will begin pairing.

Based on keyboard, you may have to “type in” the authorization code. If not, you will be ready to go.


How To Check The Charge On Your Magic-Keyboard On Your iPad Or iPhone

If you are using the Magic Keyboard of Apple, you can easily check power level anytime using the Notification Center.

✓ First, you have to “swipe down” from top of screen to bring the Notification Center down.

✓ “Scroll down” to Battery section.

✓ The battery charge will be displayed under the listing for your Magic Keyboard’s name.


How To Unpair Or Disconnect a Bluetooth Keyboard From The iPad Or iPhone

If you wish to go back to virtual keyboard, you can just turn off your Bluetooth keyboard. It’s really that simple. On the other hand, if you desire to unpair it, or even have your iPad or iPhone forget about this entirely, you’ll need to take another trip to the Settings page.

✓ Launch “Settings” app on the iPad or iPhone

✓ Tap on the Bluetooth

✓ Now tap on “Info” button to right of your Bluetooth keyboard

✓ At this point, tap on “Disconnect” to stop your iPad or iPhone temporarily from finding a “Bluetooth keyboard”. (You must reconnect afterward to use this again.)

✓ Finally, tap on the “Forget This Device” for severing the pairing in between your iPad or iPhone as well as a “Bluetooth-keyboard”. (You will need to “re-pair” afterward to use this again.)


What’d you think? Did you manage to get your Bluetooth keyboard paired with your device? Let us know in the comment section below!

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