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The biggest early visual changes in Android P

Android P


With the first developer preview of the Android P finally released, everyone is now having their first sneak peek at what Google has been working on over the past months and what it’s bringing to the table. Though you should know that this is an early version of the software, so it’s likely to have multiple changes occur to it prior to its final release. But even with the first preview, we’re able to see that Google is making some outstanding changes to the Android P.


The next developer preview of Android P is expected to be released around May, so, we’ll be able to see more finalized decisions and changes made to the Android P software, however, until then, let's take a look at what the first developer preview is offering users.


Notch-friendly notifications

The clock on the Android P has moved from the far right-hand side of the screen now to the far left-hand side of the screen of the top status bar. The new OS is designed to aid with notches that may cut into the top display area, putting notifications right next to the time. The display screen will show you up to four different app icon notifications and after four, it’ll have the rest of the notifications accessible to you when you slide down the notification tray.


Straightforward quick-settings pulldown

This is a much-needed change that Google has been focusing on making better. The corners of the icons have been rounded for settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Now, the icons are circles with colorful accents and turn gray when switched off. The horizontal bar underneath the icons is also closer. When the settings bar is pulled fully down, it’s given a much cleaner design and appearance.


A colorful settings menu

Google loves to change to the settings screen whenever there’s a major Android update. Well, with the new Android P update, Google is at it again and making new icons to the right of sections such as Display, Battery and Network. Though the layout hasn’t changed, the grayscale icons are now colorful circles.


The dock looks like a dock

Android P’s dock which shows your favorite apps and Google search bar now has a cloudy background which helps the apps stand out from everything else on your home screen. It also aids in helping in swiping up to reach the app switcher. In addition, there’s also a microphone icon on the right side of the search bar which allows you fast access one-tap to voice search and Google Assistant.


Screenshot with the power menu

The Power Off/Restart pop-up on the Pixel has an additional feature which is added underneath of those two options: screenshot. So, if users don’t want to use the normal button combo, rather, you can hold down the power button and tap the screenshot button and it’ll capture whatever you want to screenshot. This way, you don’t have to hit power/restart at the same time.


Shrinking volume slider

Google is relocating the software volume slider, making it a little more straightforward and easier to use. The volume slider offers you four options: tapping the calls/ring button switches in between ring, vibrate and silent ringer. Though, this feature will still need more work in order to make it even more straightforward when using it.


Product Sans Font more visible

The font that’s been used for Google’s Pixel’s branding is now showing up in more areas throughout the system. You’ll be able to see the font in places, for example, the camera permission pop-up which allows you to ‘deny’ or ‘allow’ camera access. The font being used is called Product Sans.


Now that you know the some of the new features with the Android P, you have a been idea of what’s going to be coming out for users. Google’s been working hard to make the new Android P easier to use, more vibrant and of course, minimalistic in design and features.

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