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The Complete Guide to Fast Charging Options for iPhone/iPad



To ‘fast charge’ and accelerate the normal rate of charging for iDevices you will need a non-standard charging cable that is compatible with the fast charge feature of the smart devices. iPhones come out of the box with the 5W charging system which is not suitable for fast charging. To accelerate the rate of charging you will need a stronger charger preferably the USB-C power adapter or alternatively the 7.5W to 10W Qi wireless charger. The fast charge option is readily available for iPhones launched on the market as from 2017 and this article will help you take full advantage of the feature without incurring unnecessary cost on chargers and cables.


Things to Know about Fast Charge for iPhones 

The fast charge feature for iDevices is designed to offer convenience to busy smart device users. With Apple, multiple aspects of our day to day life have been simplified by the applications offered in the smart devices. A fast charge system guarantees that your smart device is always at your disposal whenever you need it. Fast charge allows your iPhone or iPad to top up its battery from 0 to 50 percent within a time frame of thirty minutes. This is only possible with a charging system that is fully compatible with the fast charge feature.


Phones Designed for Fast Charge:

• iPhone 8

• iPhone 8 Plus

• iPhone X

• iPad pro 10.5 and 12.9 inch

Normal chargers for these devices will not do the job as they provide a charging rate that is lower than 10W. The most appropriate charger is the USB-C charging system that provides for a charging rate of up to 15W. Fast charging is often confused with the faster charging function that exists in older smart devices. Faster charging for older devices meant usage of a stronger charging system such as the USB brick. For modern smart devices, however, fast charge option points to the ability of the iPhone or iPad to be boosted from 0 to 50 percent in a minimal time frame enabled by a compatible charger.


Charging Speeds According to Different Chargers  

You can achieve up to five charging speeds when using the approved chargers for iDevices. Such are: –

• Using the regular wired charger provided on purchase of iPhone you only get 5W charge rate which charges your devices at a regular rate.

• Using the Qi wires charger which is the alternative for wired charger gives you a regular charging rate of 5W.

• For iPad, you achieve a faster wired charging rate using a wired charger of 10W to 12 w

• For wireless charging of such devices, the 7.5 Apple Qi charger approved by Apple achieves the faster charging option.

• The compatible charger for fast charge stands out to be the USB-C cable and power supply that gets your phone full in less than one and a half hours.

Fast charge function for iDevices happens systematically with its rapid charging ability decreasing as the smart device acquires more charge. The battery for such devices is designed to have a higher affinity to draw power from the compatible charger up to fifty percent. Beyond that, the rate of charging stabilizes in a bid to preserve battery health to an optimum. This means you get to use your battery for an extended period of time without your phone going off from a power outage. As the charge level raises to 80 percent the more slowly it gets for the battery to charge as observed in all smart devices.


How to Test if Fast Charge is working

You do not have to keep checking your phone battery level when charging to tell if the fast charge feature is working; just listen for the charging chimes set automatically for iDevices when a charger is connected. The chimes guide you to know the rate at which the phone is drawing the charge from the charger. A single charging chime signals to normal rate chargers such as the 5W wired charger, 7.5 Qi wireless chargers, and the 10-12W iPad adapters. A double chime sound signals an active fast charging for your phone which is common for USB-C cables and power adapters. The chime changes as the battery level reach 80 percent to signal the slow charge phase of the smart device.

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