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Things You Need To Discover : How To Begin With ‘Android Things’?

Android things



Android Things simply might just be one of best projects to come out of Google. Ever. Made to assist with building  embedded “smart things”, the platform is revolutionary in that it is consistent and simple, and an excellent way to begin with any sort of small IoT project regardless of your own abilities with coding.

Things can operate on affordable hardware and offers great support materials to direct you in right path regardless of your thinking of building. Period.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of ‘Things’ is that at its core it's just plain ol’ Android. Exactly the same “Android” which runs on more than a billion Smartphones, televisions, watches, countless tablets and nearly any other little smart device that you can envision.

If you have dreams of becoming the next legendary tinkerer, then keep reading below.


What You Will Need: Hardware!

To start development with the Android Things you'll need a couple of basic items of hardware. For the starters, you are going to require a PC. It does not need to be an expensive computer, just powerful sufficient to run the Android Studio. Not to mention, any modern laptop or Windows PC will be good, as will any Linux PC or Intel Mac.

It’s important to stress that Android Things does not require a lot of costly hardware to start. You just need the aforementioned PC and hardware which is compatible with the platform.


What You Will Need: Software!

Every item of software you'll need to build up for the “Android Things” is free-of-cost. Woohoo!

The suite consists of 3 parts: the “Android Things” software for the development hardware, the “Android Studio” for your PC, as well as an “Android companion” application to get the system up as well as operating and linked to the Wi-Fi in case you are using the official kit from the Google.

At the same time, most of the software you have to get to build for the “Android Things” is cost-free.

The “Android Studio” is quite same – “Android Studio” the app developers use for Android Smartphones. It features a few fundamental specifications, and you have already those installed in case you are using macOS or Windows.

If you are installing on the Linux then you will need a couple of basic dependencies which you probably currently are utilizing. You can easily download the “Android Studio” from Google Developers site, and it runs like some other program as well. You will also find complete instructions about creating your development atmosphere after installer takes you via getting the setup.


Next Stop: Almost Anywhere!

Truth be told, this is everything which you have to build for “Android-Things” platform. If you are knowledgeable about the software development, then you have a great idea of exactly where to start next, but many people are not familiar. That is OK since “Android Things” was made to be a particular thing which will train you.



In addition to offering a fantastic platform, Google offers an extensive tutorial for getting started immediately.

That's why I appreciate this “Android-Things” platform. Now you have got some hardware which can inform you about the temperature, however no idea exactly where to look next as soon as you has connected everything.

Google has an incredible tutorial which goes through the fundamentals to advanced strategies in the “Android Things” instruction docs. Share this post with your friends on social media. Also, leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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