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Tips on How to Adjust the USB Data Access on iPhone You Need to Know

USB Data Access



USB Restricted Mode of iOS 12 prevents the USB accessories connected to the “Lightning” port from being able to access data after the iPad, iPhone or even iPod touch continues to be locked over an hour.

Regarding security reasons, the iOS 12 tends to close down entry to the USB data from the “Lightning” port in case the device has not been “unlocked” in the last hour. Due to this vital change, you may be requested to unlock the iPod, iPad or iPhone touch to be able to connect it into Windows PC or Mac or even connect to USB accessory right after cut-off window.


iTunes Issues?

USB “Restricted Mode” increases protection at the cost of convenience.

Notice, you will not have the ability to sync with the iTunes after 1-hour threshold devoid of re-authorizing the USB accessory since USB “Restricted Mode” limits “Lighting” port to charge. If you utilize USB accessories or even connect the iOS gadget to a Windows or Mac PC, you can, therefore, have to re-authenticate periodically with your Face ID, Touch ID or passcode.


Charging Problems?

If you utilize USB accessories on the “Lightning” port that are depending on the iAP (iPod Accessory Protocol), iOS can ask you to unlock the gadget before permitting data connection.


It affects the below types of gadgets:

✓ Storage Carts

✓ Charging accessories

✓ Assistive devices

✓ CarPlay


Limiting USB “Restricted Mode” Furthermore:

This iOS 11.3 beta improved pairing protection by needing re-authentication of almost any USB gadgets connected to the “Lightning” port if the host gadget continues to be locked for 7 days. The company eliminated that function from the finished “iOS 11.3” code just to have this re-appear in the iOS 11.4.

As a way to defeat the physical data accessibility by the forensic firms such as Cellebrite as well as hacking tools for example Apple, GrayKey has tightened the security up in the “iOS 12” by narrowing “cut-off” window for the USB data accessibility via “Lightning” port from 7 days down to simply 60 minutes.


Why Did Apple Made This Change?

Not to mention, with this particular change, Apple is going to protect the customers in nations where the phones are effortlessly obtained by crooks with substantial resources or even seized by the law enforcement companies which are most of the time bound by less legal limitations than under the US law.

At the same time, hacking tools, for example, GrayKey box can split a typical 6-digit iPhone “passcode” in under a day. The 60 minutes threshold in the iOS 12 indicates that this type of hacking tool can stop working right after 60 minutes of being linked to an iOS gadget.

To reinforce this vital security safety and assist its customers to prevent identity thieves, hackers and also intrusions into personal data, the Apple now allows you adjust in case USB accessories tend to be permitted to gain access to a locked “iOS” gadget.


How To Modify Iphone USB “Data Access”?

The “iOS 12” defaults to stopping “USB” accessories from linking to locked iOS gadget past 1-hour threshold unless you re-authorize.


Here is how you will adjust the behavior:

• Open “Settings” on the iPad or iPhone with the “iOS 12” or newer

• Based on the kind of biometric functions used by your gadget, choose Passcode, Passcode & Face ID or Passcode & Touch ID from list, they “type in” the passcode.

• Scroll down to bottom and then toggle “USB Accessories” option

• When the USB-Accessories is actually “toggled on”, “USB accessories” are allowed to link to the iOS device anytime, even if it has been locked for over 1 hour.

• When the “USB-Accessories” is “toggled off,” the Accessories can't establish the USB “data connection” whenever your iOS gadget is locked for over 60 minutes.


Who Might Need To Turn It On?

Individuals with disabilities might want to permit USB “data access” continually.

In case you utilize an “assistive” accessory to type in your passcode, then you may want to enable your iPad or iPhone to contact your “assistive” accessory while it is locked.

Believe it or not, USB accessories depending on the iAP (iPod Accessory Protocol) can lead you to unlock the iOS gadget before operating system allows USB “data access” over “Lighting” port.


The below types of gadgets are powered by iAP:

✓ Storage Carts

✓ Charging accessories

✓ Assistive devices

✓ CarPlay

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