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Top 3 Android Smartphones Without A Notch That Will Blow Your Mind

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It’s 2018 and the consensus seems to be that people like big screens. It makes sense, as larger devices provide for additional productivity and allow people to use their phones for more than just sending SMS messages and making calls. In response to the ever increasing demand for phone real estate, manufacturers began to run out of options — which is where the now famous ‘notch’ was born. While the notch is certainly a step forward, at the same time, the design is short-term, until the display makers discover a cheap way to conceal the “front facing” camera as well as sensors under display without affecting the quality. It is unlikely this particular trend will last greater than a generation or perhaps two; therefore you may want to skip them if possible.


Not every maker pushes you to make use of a notch. Actually, these are definitely the phones you'll wish to take a look if you would rather avert this situation completely.



  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Needless to say, for all purposes and intents, Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer to approach whole bezel-free” design which features its bent “Infinity Displays”. All these phones happen to be giving the look of a screen which dissolved off side of phone for many generations now; however in return, you obtain a tiny chin and forehead to hold the necessary buttons and sensors for front of the phone.


There is no doubt these phones appear nice, are effective to utilize, and Samsung tends to make this Galaxy S9 in plus and standard sizes, therefore you can easily have your own choice of exactly how much display you need in the hand. Most significant, these are excellent phones. The truth is, despite its unattractive chin and forehead, this Galaxy S9+ continues to be our top choice as the top Android Smartphone you can purchase now.



  1. Google Pixel 2 XL:

Surprisingly, this smartphone comes in 2 different sizes, XL, and standard, and they appear completely different from each other. The standard size Pixel 2 features great large bezels on bottom and top, looking nearly like a Smartphone from an old generation. This Pixel 2 XL features a more cutting-edge design having a taller screen and smaller bezels, however still, an obvious chin and forehead in comparison to a few of its notch-notch competition.


Exactly where most makers have decided to move Smartphone speakers from front of phone to bottom, Pixel phones from Google exist as one of few left wherever you will get the quality audio directed right at the face whenever you are listening to songs or even watching a movie. You don't have to cup the hand to direct the sound at you as well as no worry that you will be covering speaker while playing the game.


Not just do you receive a superior speaker scenario with all these phones, the Google's Pixel 2 is exactly where you desire to be for best of the Android software directly from Google having the most recent features when they are released.



  1. BlackBerry KEY2:

In case your buddies are about to mock you to have an “old-school” Smartphone simply because it does not possess a notch, then you may too go completely back to classic as well as enjoy the BlackBerry's newest creation, BlackBerry KEY2.


Not just does it possess a decent 4.5″ display with sensors concealed in bezel rather interrupting the screen, the physical keypad has made a return as well as it is extremely enjoyable to use. The BlackBerry has performed an incredible job generating Android work effectively with a few classic BlackBerry application tricks, such as top-notch security and unbelievably excellent battery life.


It is definitely not a Smartphone for everyone, yet this BlackBerry KEY2 is the stellar Smartphone with all the classic features. This utilized to be an assurance that a Smartphone would get an expandable storage, headphone jack, as well as an excellent keyboard. Now we are leaning on a thing with a nearly retro elegance to this so as to have most of these best experiences in a place.




You will find numerous phones out there today free from scourge of “notch”. The Galaxy S9+, Pixel 2 XL, and BlackBerry KEY2 are the best notch-free phones for everyone.


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