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You’ll finally be able to control your AM/FM radio through CarPlay thanks to Gracenote



If you regularly use CarPlay then you must also love the fact that you can switch between your iPhone’s music streaming apps to AM/FM radio whenever you want. However, the annoying part with CarPlay is that you have to exit CarPlay and use the radio interface that your car manufacturer has provided you. That is, until now. You see, you don’t need to switch between the CarPlay interface and your vehicles radio interface. Through the Gracenote app, which is a music-tagging database that allows you to control your AM/FM radio with CarPlay’s interface.


What is Gracenote?


Gracenote is an app which analyzes the driver’s musical tastes and habits, matching them to satellite radio and local radio. Regardless of where you’re going, whichever city you’re in, Gracenote will select radio stations which suit the driver. By identifying the type of music the driver’s type of music through scanning the driver’s personal collection. By mapping it with local FM/AM channels, satellite and digital radio stations, the driver gets a customized music selection wherever you go. This includes formats such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Pop. It also allows for CD and file recognition, allowing drivers the opportunity to access digital music files stored on laptops, smart phones and on Cloud. They keep files organized by track name, album name and folder paths to make sure the songs are properly displayed.


This form of music recognition allows drivers to unlock their most favorite albums and tracks, allowing them to discover new music while also being able to play favorites. MusicID such as Gracenote allows people to listen to music without copyright issues and listen to music which is new to them.


CarPlay with Gracenote


CarPlay allows drivers to safely use their iPhone while driving. You’re able to access your iPhone without having to touch your phone. You’re able to get directions, send and receive sms messages, make phone calls and listen to music with the assistance of Siri voice control. As a driver, all you have to do is connect your iPhone to your car and you’re all set. Though CarPlay creates a safe environment for you to drive and use your phone, there are still some features which needed some working out. With CarPlay, a feature that showed to be slightly annoying to use was the music interface. Yes, you’re able to listen to songs from your iPhone via CarPlay, however, the trouble came when it was time to switch from your playlist to FM/AM radio. Every time you want to listen to FM/AM radio instead of your iPhone’s playlist, you need to exit CarPlay and use your car’s radio interface instead.


However, now, CarPlay’s richly designed interface now allows you to control your FM/AM radio on their interface instead. With this change, you’re able to listen to local radio stations and choose one based on your location or genre – combining streaming and broadcast all from one app.


Sounds pretty great, right? It is an amazing feature and took a lot of work to try to make it happen. Though it sounds amazing, there is one downside to it. In order for this to be materialized, Gracenote is pushing its tech to their partners, one of them being automakers. Thus, for this to be implemented and their updated system put into effect, it’s up to their partners to make it happen. In the end, though this solution is an amazing one, it’s all in the hands of the automakers and their willingness to update the CarPlay system with Gracenote. We’re hoping to see this solution implemented into the CarPlay interface in the new future.

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