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  • Dailymotion Windows Review

    Dailymotion Windows Review

    I’ve long wondered why YouTube doesn’t have some real competition. You’d think, considering how many internet companies there are, that somebody would pose a challenge to the online video giant. However, as it stands, when you ask somebody about their favorite place to watch cat videos and clips from famous movies that may infringe on some copyrights, YouTube is generally the answer you’ll get. Well, there are a few video streaming sites that have attempted to compete. Will today’s be the knight that can battle the giant dragon that is YouTube? Probably not. YouTube’s pretty darn big. Regardless, let’s take a look at Dailymotion for Windows devices.


    What Is Dailymotion?

    As my overdrawn analysis of online video sites may have hinted, Dailymotion is indeed an online video site. But how does it stand out? While YouTube is kind of a one-stop-shop for everything and Vimeo is a more focused site, what makes Dailymotion unique? Let’s take a look in my brilliantly titled section “How Is The App?”


    How Is The App?

    I really don’t want to sound too negative in this section, as I really do believe it's noble to try to enter an industry that is pretty much dominated by the monopoly that is YouTube. However, to be totally honest, I did not enjoy the Dailymotion app. Not only was the selection of videos pretty bare, with only recognizable names such as CollegeHumor and WatchMojo catching my eye, there really isn’t that much interesting content. Additionally, the videos I did view kept freezing up. And, trust me, I payed my WiFi bill. Didn’t I…?


    The Bottom Line

    If the Dailymotion website is truly a real competitor for YouTube, then the app is not a very good example of that. Not only did the app offer very little diversity in terms of videos, but the video streaming itself was pretty glitchy. Hopefully they’ll be able to fine-tune the app a bit, as it would be nice to see a little online competition.

  • Subway Surfers Windows Review

    Subway Surfers Windows Review

    Every time you look through an app store, it seems like a lot of the same old familiar faces pop up. You see all the classics such as Spotify, Angry Birds, and Snapchat. However, there’s one app that I’ve almost always seen in those lists that I’ve never bothered to try. Now, is that because of extreme levels of laziness on my part? Yeah, kind of. But we don’t need to get into that right now. Let’s take a look at Subway Surfers for Windows devices.


    What Is Subway Surfers?

    Subway Surfers is one of your basic endless running games, along the line of Temple Run and Sonic Dash. The game is almost always around the top of the most downloaded lists on the various app stores. But what does the game have to offer that all the rest do not? Well, take a seat and put on your lucky opinion listening hat, here is what I think…


    How Is The App?

    If I can be totally honest, I don’t really understand the appeal of Subway Surfers. I spent a decent amount of time with the game, trying to see what exactly all the fuss was about, and didn’t quite get it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game at all, as the endless running is pretty fun and the graphics are quite nice. However, I’m not seeing why it continues to grace the top downloaded charts.


    The Bottom Line

    Subway Surfers is by no means a bad game. However, I’m just a bit surprised it's as popular as it is. Considering games like Temple Run have the same gameplay with much more personality, I’m a bit surprised Subway Surfers has become the household name of endless runners. Perhaps if I didn’t know about the hype, I’d like Subway Surfers a bit more. But, as it is right now, it’s just OK. Also I never got to surf. So maybe that’s why I’m so let down.

  • Coloring Book Windows Review

    Coloring Book Windows Review

    I’ve written before about the recent trend of coloring books for adults getting more and more popular. So I won’t give you the whole preamble on the reimagined app versions of the activity of coloring in app form gaining more and more popularity. Hmm I guess I pretty much just gave you the preamble anyways, huh? Oh well. Let’s take a look at Coloring Book for Windows devices.


    What Is Coloring Book?

    The Coloring Book app for Windows is, to the surprise of everybody, a coloring book app. Well, it’s a coloring book with a few additions. Along with the old fashioned coloring book side, you can also do some Microsoft Paint-style sketches. There’s a decent amount of different coloring book options, but there may be a bit of a problem. Allow me to explain..


    How Is The App?

    Coloring Book, while a decent idea considering the ongoing trend of coloring apps made for adults, has some definite issues. First of all, the coloring book part itself was a bit difficult to use. Every time I tapped any of the options, the app would immediately crash. So I couldn’t even do the main activity that’s included in the title. The only other part of the application, the Sketch option, is fine enough, but can often be frustrating and unresponsive. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be one of my more glowing reviews


    The Bottom Line

    While apps such as Coloring Book can definitely be fun to play around with, there’s some issues that need to be fixed. While the Sketch portion is functional, they definitely need to put some work into the actual coloring part of the app if this is going to grow in popularity. You might be better off just grabbing a regular old fashioned coloring book instead.

  • More Weird Windows Paid Apps

    More Weird Windows Paid Apps

    I’ve already done a spotlight on some strange Windows Store apps that, strangely enough, actually cost money. However, is it possible there’s even more weird apps available on the Windows Store that you have to pay for? Considering the large number of weird Windows apps I’ve already spotlighted, I’d say definitely. Let’s take a look at the sequel to my original list: “Weird Windows Store Paid Apps 2: This Time It’s Slightly Weirder”. Or just “More Weird Windows Paid Apps”. Yeah, I like that better.



    Much like the Flashlight+ app I spotlighted in the last list, Social+ is a paid version of something you can find for free on any phone. Only in this case that free thing is Facebook. Social+ claims to be an advanced Windows Phone client for Facebook. But wait...isn’t Facebook already available on Windows Phones? And for free? And the app has 1263 ratings, meaning at least 1263 people have actually paid for it? Is this some kind of strange Twilight Zone episode?!?


    Talking Monkey

    Now, to be fair, this one I could mildly see actually playing around with. If it were free that is. You see, Talking Monkey appears to be just what it says: a talking monkey. And, were it not for the price tag, I may or may not be pretty interested. After all, it is, you know, a talking monkey. So every person’s dream. However, it’s still probably not worth cracking open the old wallet.


    Create A Old

    I have a number of questions with this app. First of all, what is going on with the title? Is it trying to say “create an old person”? Is “create a old” some kind of hip new catchphrase I’m too old to understand? Whatever it is, the title is the first thing that seems off. But what does this app actually do? From what I can tell, it makes you look older. Can’t I just let that happen gradually instead of paying an app to do it?


  • Marble Maze Windows Review

    Marble Maze Windows Review

    Sometimes it can be refreshing to try an entirely new game. Something that doesn’t have the word Candy Crush or Angry Birds in it. However, it can also be a bit of a risk. You see, when you try out something with an established name, you’ve got some expectations in terms of quality. Well, that’s not exactly the case with all new apps. Am I talking about the app I’m reviewing today? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out, won’t you? Let’s take a look at Marble Maze for Windows Phones.


    What Is Marble Maze? First off, I’d like to say that the title of this game is just a bit misleading. By which I mean the title has absolutely nothing to do with the game. You see, there really are no marbles to be found in the entire game. And as for the maze, well, it’s less of a maze and more of an... endless loop? I’ll get into that later.


    How Is The Game? Marble Maze is definitely not one of the best games I’ve tried on the Windows Store. And, considering some of the strange apps I’ve reviewed in the past, that’s really saying something. The game is seemingly all about traversing the levels and finding the exit. Well, I found the exit after a while but never actually figured out how to open it. Do I need a key? Was it a fake exit? I’m not sure.. I gave up before I found out.


    The Bottom Line While I’ve tried out a number of games I didn’t enjoy on the Windows Store, very few of those were downright frustrating to play. Well, Marble Maze might fall into that category. The controls are difficult to get used to, there’s not much going on visually, and I couldn’t even really figure out how to beat the first level. Which seems pretty essential when you’re playing a video game.

  • How To Use Beauty + Camera (Windows)

    How To Use Beauty + Camera (Windows)

    It’s not always easy finding apps to review for Windows Phones. Between all the strangely titled cut and pastes of classic video games and apps that won’t even open, there’s a lot of strangeness to go through. However, one type of app has been fairly consistent on the devices: camera and photo editing apps. For the most part, these kinds of apps have a decent amount of quality. Which is much more than I can say for the many, many games I’ve reviewed. Let’s take a look at the Beauty + Camera app for Windows Phones.


    What Is Beauty + Camera?

    First off, I have to admit that I was reading the title wrong when I started using this app. At first, I thought it was a beauty app plus a camera app. Or something like that. Give me a break, it’s been a long week. The app is actually a photo filter for images that you can take right from your camera. So I suppose that explains the whole beauty plus camera thing.


    How Do You Use It?

    Beauty + Camera, like most apps of its kind, is pretty simple to use. You begin by either taking a photo or choosing one from your gallery. From there, you can begin choosing your editing options, from picking an interesting filer to cropping. It even gets rid of red eye! Which I usually leave in because I think it looks cool. But that’s just me. From there, you simply hit the save button


    The Bottom Line

    As I said, Windows Phones generally have some pretty good options when it comes to photo editing apps. And Beauty + Camera is no different. The app is easy to use, has a good number of options, and has some additions I had rarely seen on a photo editing app before.

  • Flixster Windows Review

    Flixster Windows Review

    Movies are an incredible thing. They prove that, with a ton of money and some simple ideas, you can create some pretty entertaining content. However, I’m not very good at actually making it to the theatre. Maybe it’s because I just never had an app that showed me theatre times and locations. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to actually get out of bed and go to the theatre. Yeah, let’s go with that one. Let’s take a look at Flixster for Windows devices.


    What Is Flixster?

    Flixster is an application for mobile phones. Well, I guess I could pretty much say that for any of these reviews, couldn’t I? The application features information on all the current movies, from new releases to what’s come to DVD. Additionally, tapping on any movie can get you some additional information as well as trailers for the films.


    How Is The App?

    If you’re a consistent movie-goer or just an old fashioned fan of films, Flixster might just be the app for you. Featuring easy scrollability and a quick look at how well a movie is rated, Flixster is the ultimate companion piece for a trip to the theatre. If you’ve got the energy to get out of bed. Unlike me. Additionally, you can take a look at some upcoming films you may be excited about to get some information, showtimes at your local theatre, and even some early reviews to help you determine whether or not you’d like to see the film at all. Pretty useful, really.


    The Bottom Line

    Flixster is a very useful app for moviegoers. Possibly its best feature is the ability to quickly look at a movie and see how well it’s been rated by critics and audiences alike. Even if they’re not always right. After all, Muppets Most Wanted definitely deserved a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • 2048! Windows Review

    2048! Windows Review

    I can openly admit that I’ve never been all that good with numbers. Dating back to my early days of doing simple math problems at school, the world of plus signs, minus signs and...other numbery things has never really appealed to me. But what if they tried to make math fun? Well, it probably still wouldn’t help that much. But I’m still down to give it a try. Let’s take a look at 2048! for Windows devices.


    What Is 2048!?

    2048! is a pretty popular numbers-based game that involves, well, numbers. You begin with a few simple numbers and a grid. From there, you simply swipe around the screen to join the different numbers together, adding them in the process. But there’s a catch! You see, you can only join two numbers if they are the exact same amount. And, because of my admitted lack of prowess with numbers, you can imagine how well I did at this game.


    How Is The Game?

    While I didn’t go into the game with a lot of hope for myself, I ended up really enjoying 2048! And no, that exclamation point wasn’t just because of unbridled enthusiasm, it’s also in the title of the game. The swiping around to join different numbers proved to be quite addictive, even if I never hit the desired number of 2048. Someday, perhaps. My only real issue with the app is, if you’d like, you can pretty much just swipe randomly and let the numbers fall into place. Not that I did that of course…


    The Bottom Line

    2048! may not be the usual kind of mobile game I enjoy, but I was thoroughly impressed with both the basic concept than the execution of the app.  Now, does this means I’m going to suddenly become some kind of math wizard? No, probably not. Even if I’m cool with becoming any kind of wizard.

  • Crossy Heroes Windows Review

    Crossy Heroes Windows Review

    Ever since the release of Crossy Road, it seems like everyone wants to create their own version of the game. By which I mean completely ripping off the art style and name. This has led to numerous knockoffs that try to play and look like Crossy Road without all the wonderful charm. Is today’s game another example of that? Let's find out. Let’s take a look at Crossy Heroes for Windows devices.


    What Is Crossy Heroes?

    When you first hear the name Crossy Heroes, you likely expect a straight up ripoff of the classic Crossy Road game...but with superheroes. And, to be fair, that sounds pretty awesome. However, that’s not exactly what we have here. Instead, you’re in the middle of a stage and swipe up, down, left, or right to fight enemies. So you’re not exactly crossing anything…


    How Is The Game?

    Crossy Heroes is actually quite an interesting game. Because it doesn’t straight up rip off Crossy Road, it doesn't seem like a totally shameless ripoff. However, because that’s the case, they should have called it something different so they wouldn’t draw that comparison at all. Oh well. But we should also talk about the characters. Because they obviously can’t use real copyrighted superheroes, they had to create their own. And boy are they interesting. You have the Batman lookalike named “Bad Man In Black”, the Iron Man lookalike named “Major Copperman” and then there’s “Pancake Cook”. Yep. Pancake Cook.


    The Bottom Line

    While the game does lose some points for its mild similarities to Crossy Road, I give it credit for trying something original. The characters, while pretty strange, are actually pretty unique, as besides the Batman and Iron Man lookalikes, all other characters are totally original. Even though from now on I’m totally calling Batman “Bad Man In Black”. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

  • Weird "New + Rising Apps" For Windows Phones

    Weird "New + Rising Apps" For Windows Phones

    I’ve chronicled time and time again how Windows Phone has some, to put it lightly, strange apps available. From apps that are literal copy/pastes of already released Pokemon titles to games about rampaging grandmothers, there’s no shortness of oddities on the old Windows Store. However, something I’ve only recently noticed mirroring this is some of the strange apps that pop up in the “New + Rising Apps” section. Prepare yourself, people. It’s about to get a little strange.


    What’s Going On?

    Normally, the “New + Rising” section of any app store is a place to highlight some of the big up-and-comers in the world of mobile applications. Whether they’re games that have become much more popular or even just some updates or sequels of older apps, it’s usually a section to find something that’s, well, new and rising. Well, that’s not exactly the case for Windows Phones. Allow me to explain.


    Wait, What?

    Just by scrolling around the “New + Rising” section, you start to see some pretty strange apps. It starts with a whole bunch of Snapchat ripoffs, which doesn’t sound too off base at first. But then you see some of the rest, including a whole bunch of apps that claim they can help you download YouTube videos (isn’t that illegal?) to the strangely misspelled “Burger King Cupons”.  And an app simply titled “Make Me Bald.” Sometimes you have to see it to believe it, folks.


    The Bottom Line

    The weird thing is this is hardly shocking news. If you’ve owned a Windows Phone for even a week you know that there’s some pretty odd stuff out there. But, for some reason, the latest batch of “New + Rising Apps” just struck me as especially odd. And made me laugh. Which is a nice bonus. Interestingly enough, I remember seeing a news report that Windows was trying to get rid of all the less desirable apps on the Windows Store. Maybe they just hit the snooze button on it for a bit?


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