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2048! Windows Review

2048! Windows Review

I can openly admit that I’ve never been all that good with numbers. Dating back to my early days of doing simple math problems at school, the world of plus signs, minus signs and…other numbery things has never really appealed to me. But what if they tried to make math fun? Well, it probably still wouldn’t help that much. But I’m still down to give it a try. Let’s take a look at 2048! for Windows devices.


What Is 2048!?

2048! is a pretty popular numbers-based game that involves, well, numbers. You begin with a few simple numbers and a grid. From there, you simply swipe around the screen to join the different numbers together, adding them in the process. But there’s a catch! You see, you can only join two numbers if they are the exact same amount. And, because of my admitted lack of prowess with numbers, you can imagine how well I did at this game.


How Is The Game?

While I didn’t go into the game with a lot of hope for myself, I ended up really enjoying 2048! And no, that exclamation point wasn’t just because of unbridled enthusiasm, it’s also in the title of the game. The swiping around to join different numbers proved to be quite addictive, even if I never hit the desired number of 2048. Someday, perhaps. My only real issue with the app is, if you’d like, you can pretty much just swipe randomly and let the numbers fall into place. Not that I did that of course…


The Bottom Line

2048! may not be the usual kind of mobile game I enjoy, but I was thoroughly impressed with both the basic concept than the execution of the app.  Now, does this means I’m going to suddenly become some kind of math wizard? No, probably not. Even if I’m cool with becoming any kind of wizard.

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