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250k Chefs Burger Windows Review

Who doesn’t love a good burger? I know this is a controversial point of view, but I’d honestly rather have a juicy cheeseburger than a prime cut of steak any day. (Please don’t form an angry mob. I don’t need another one of those.) In fact, I must say a nice double cheeseburger with some jalapenos and a…wait, what am I doing again? Oh yeah, I’m reviewing an app. 250k Chef’s Burger is a game about burgers. Let’s talk about it.



The Gameplay

The game is the definition of “simple yet addictive”. While there’s not too many layers of ingredients to the gameplay, it still makes for a delicious snack. Sorry, I shouldn’t be writing this before lunchtime. The game is all about making burgers. Which, yes I agree, is the least fun burger related thing you can do. The best is eating it. However, the game does a good job of making it fun. You have four buttons for bun, meat patty, cheese and lettuce. (WHERE’S THE JALAPENOS??) A small photo of the ingredients you need will change for each burger. Apparently, some people order meatless cheeseless burgers in this game. I won’t even acknowledge that vile idea.



Is It Fun?

The game offers a pretty fun and addictive experience. While it’s not very complex, it makes human error that much more of a factor. You’ll get into a groove just to have one small mistake trip you up. It’s a fun setup that places the blame directly on you for losing. Maybe this game’s a little judgmental come to think of it…



What I’d Change

While there are positives to the simplicity of 250k Chef’s Burger, that’s also one of its ultimate issues. The only real factor you’re working against is time, so there’s no other obstacles that you have to account for. Because of this, the game may only keep your attention for a little bit. Why not throw in rotten ingredients you have to avoid or customers that reward you for acting fast of a sentient grill that turns against humanity after years of acting as a mere pawn? Yeah, that one sounds good.



The Bottom Line

250k Chef’s Burger is a fun, arcade-style experience that could really use one more factor. It has all the basics of a good game: appealing, cartoony graphics and good gameplay concept, it’s just missing the X factor to turn it from a good game into a great game. However, maybe I’m just bitter because I had to make so many burgers without actually eating one.

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