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Adventure Story Windows Review

How important is the name of something? Well, pretty important I must say. In the world of games, titles are meant to be informative ways off telling us a little bit about what the game will be about. For example, you can naturally assume that Crossy Road is about, well, crossing roads. And that Candy Crush is about, you know, crushing candy. So when you see a name like Adventure Story, there’s a lot of promise. What kind of deep adventure should we expect with such an epic title? Let’s take a look at Adventure Story for Windows phones.



The Basics

So what is the epic story behind the grandiose title of Adventure Story? Well, it’s told to us all through comics. Which, I must admit, is a pretty cool way to do it. Please, try and clear your mind before reading this, it may get a bit complex. Let’s begin: you’re an orange with rabbit ears. Need me to slow down? One day, your friend is kidnapped by two elephants and you run after them. OK, that’s the entire story. I understand if you need a minute or two to comprehend everything I just shared with you.



The Gameplay

Adventure Story plays very much like the other Super Mario ripoffs I’ve encountered in my time reviewing games. You’ve got your blocks, things to collect, and enemies. Oh man these enemies. You’ve got snakes, blowfish, and frogs with boxing gloves. Why couldn’t that have been the hero of the game? I would have loved to play as a boxing frog fighting against the evil elephants. If the developers of Adventure Story are reading this (and I know they are) please change that around.



Is It Fun?

Not really. OK, I’ll explain. Adventure Story clearly wants to be Mario-like, but just doesn’t offer much. You’ve got enemies to jump on and bottomless pits to avoid, but there’s not too much originality. However, there was one aspect of the game I enjoyed: the hovering. If you hold the jump button after jumping, you can hover for a bit over enemies and pits. I can give credit where credit is due.



The Bottom Line

I didn’t really have high expectations going into Adventure Story. Yes, I know, it’s a bit tough to tell from my intro. By just looking at screenshots before playing it didn’t look like anything I hadn’t seen before. While I definitely enjoyed the hovering mechanic, everything else was pretty much generic. Including the title. How about “Boxing Frog Adventure Story”? Yeah, that’s better.

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