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Apps Missing From The Windows Store

Apps Missing From The Windows Store

I’ve written many articles about how Windows Phones have missed the boat when it comes to certain big name apps. However, I’ve never actually compiled a list of essential apps that are missing from the mobile devices. Well, first off, I apologize. I owed it to you guys. I really let you down. However, it’s time to make that right by making a list of some apps that deserve to be on the Windows Phone Store.



Now, I’ve already technically written before about YouTube leaving the Windows Store in my classic article “No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?” Well, despite the fact that it was a groundbreaking article that shattered everyone’s expectations, the fact remains: YouTube is not available on Windows Phones. You’ll have to watch your Epic Rap Battles Of History through one of the other strange YouTube ripoffs that run rampant on the Windows Store.



While I’ve personally never been very good at using Snapchat (I only just found out how to do that thing where you can make your face look like a dog), I realize that it’s a fun app for people to send pictures to each other with. However, sadly, that experience will not be available for anyone using a Windows Phone. Although, again, there does seem to be a strange amount of ripoffs available…


Pokemon Go

While the app may not be as popular as it was in the past, the fact remains that the gigantic game is still not playable on any Windows device. It’s just so strange that I’ve played more odd, barely playable games on the Windows Store and yet I can’t play the biggest mobile hit of 2016 on the platform. Is it so wrong to strive to catch my very own Snorlax on a Windows Phone?

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