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Banana Island Windows Review

Banana Island Windows Review

In the large world of video games, monkeys have always been a consistent main character. There’s Donkey Kong, the monkey from Super Monkey Ball, and…uhhh.. OK that’s pretty much it. But why is that? Is it because they’re so easy to animate and extremely adorable? I’d say so, yes. But we’re not here to debate why monkeys are awesome. Even if I want to. Let’s take a look at Banana Island for Windows devices.


What Is Banana Island?

While Banana Island sounds more like some kind of suntan lotion or popsicle flavor, it is actually a game. A game that, surprisingly, has no bananas in it. Weird, right? I’ll get into that later. The game is an endless runner along the lines of Temple Run, only in 2D instead of 3D. And what do you do in the game? Collect coins, stomp on enemies, and get to the finish line. Which sounds a bit familiar now that I think of it…


How Is The Game?

Banana Island is actually a bit better than I expected. At first, I imagined I’d be playing yet another strange, unplayable Windows Store game. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the game was actually pretty functional. My only real issue is that the game is very, very easy. The only times I ran into trouble was by running into enemies, and that can be totally avoided by just jumping over them.


The Bottom Line

Banana Island is by no means a bad game. It’s simple and not very challenging, but it still works just fine. Here’s one particularly strange thing about the app: there’s no bananas in it. Perhaps I just didn’t get far enough, but you’d think a game with the name “banana” in the title would include at least of few pieces of fruit, right? Right?



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