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Beast Quest Windows Review

Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to go on a massive quest across plains, icy mountains, and molten volcanoes? Would you like to battle giant beasts such as fire breathing dragons, powerful yetis, and octopus-man hybrids? Then Beast Quest might be right for you! Although I’m not totally sure. Because I didn’t get that far. But I sincerely hope there are octopus men. That would be awesome. And so, let’s take a look at Beast Quest for Windows phones.



The Basics

Something that is rarely tackled in the mobile format is adventure games. And for good reason. You see, adventure games require, for the most part, an expansive world and plenty of room to explore. However, as it is right now, the mobile platform can’t really maintain that. Because it’s probably very hard to do. Not that I’m a game developer. But if I was I would make a game about somebody that makes games. Did I blow your mind?



The Gameplay

As soon as I got going playing Beast Quest, I could see a lot of of influence from the Legend Of Zelda games. At least, the 3D ones. You explore, you swing your sword at some beasts, and you open up treasure chests. Seems pretty Zelda-ish to me. Or Lord Of The Rings-ish. Or any of that Dungeons and Dragons-ey stuff.



Is It Fun?

Beast Quest surprised me right off the bat with two things: the controls and the graphics. The controls, which are usually a huge problem in mobile 3D games like this, were executed very well. Most games try to replicate a joystick with faulty touch controls or a digital control pad that doesn’t always work. With Beast Quest, however, you simply run by pressing the button with your left thumb while controlling direction by swiping with your right thumb. It’s simple, but very effective. And the graphics were very crisp and clean, especially when you consider this is a free mobile game.



Bottom Line

Beast Quest is one of those hidden surprises you’ll stumble upon every once in awhile when you adventure through the various app stores. While I wasn’t able to see everything the game had to offer, I could tell a lot of work was put in to make it a console-like experience. And I’d say, considering the ideal control system and crisp graphics, they did a pretty good job. Plus, there’s a yeti in the game. That always gets extra points in my book.

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