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Beer Pong Champion Windows Review

Beer pong is a very strange game. You set up cheap plastic cups, fill them with beer (if you’re a younger reader pretend I said “milk”) and then throw ping pong balls in them. And, if you’re unlucky enough to be playing against somebody that’s good at it, you'll end up drinking a nice mix of beer, ping pong ball, and everything that was on the floor when those ping pong balls hit the floor. So yeah, in real life, beer pong is not the best idea. But now, with Beer Pong Champion for Windows phones, you can experience all the fun of beer pong without all the germs.



The Basics

As much as I can break down the massive complexities of the game, I’ll keep it simple. You throw the ball in the cup. And that’s it. The game is actually strangely similar to the 3D Tennis game I played for Windows a few weeks back. Many of the assets, game sections, and even character images were very similar between the two games. Are they made by the same company? I’m not sure – I’m feeling too lazy to look it up.



The Gameplay

How is the complex game of beer pong brought into the world of gaming? Well, it’s very difficult. In most of my games of pong I hardly even got one made cup. My opponents, on the other hand, apparently have been practicing the art of beer pong for years now. By the time I even scored once (is that the terminology?) the other guy already had 5 or 6. Weirdly enough, that is scarily accurate to my real-life beer pong skills.



Is It Fun?

Beer Pong Champion is actually not a bad idea. Something like beer pong has many fun possibilities in the world of gaming. However, I had some problems with Beer Pong Champion. The controls were a bit tough to get the hang of. I’d line up my shot perfectly just to have it go way off the table. Is this all just covering up for the fact that I’m not that good? Maybe a little.



The Bottom Line

While Beer Pong Champion had some possibilities as a game, the execution isn’t all it could be. A bit hard to control, the game needs to tweak around its physics just a bit. Or at least show me what I’m doing wrong. Either way. However, I must say the graphics were very well-done. This really did remind me of the many, many, many bars I’ve played beer pong at. And lost at.

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