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Bottle Flip 2016 Windows Review

Bottle Flip 2016 Windows Review  

There’s definitely a big difference in the amount of content included in the many mobile games that are available. Some games are pretty simple, offering a more arcade style experience. Others are more complex, with the bigger world of an RPG. And others are much, much more simpler. And more difficult. Did I spoil the review already? Let’s take a look at Bottle Flip 2016 for Windows Phones.









What Is Bottle Flip 2016?

Sometimes a game just gives you all the information you need in the title alone. Well, except Angry Birds. The temperament of the birds only has so much to do with the actual gameplay after all. With Bottle Flip 2016, they’re brutally honest about what you do in the game. And what year the game came out. For some reason.









How Is The Game?

As far as a game where all you do is flip bottles goes, Bottle Flip 2016 is… not my favorite. The premise seems pretty simple, swipe to flip your bottle as many times as possible in succession. However, what seems like it should be easy, fun, and addictive is actually difficult, frustrating, and simply not very fun. And games are a pastime that we should be doing for fun. Right?


The Bottom Line

Bottle Flip 2016 is by no means the worst game I’ve ever played. Heck, it’ not even the worst game I’ve played on Windows Phones. However, it’s simply pretty frustrating and overall not very much fun. In my entire time playing it, I believe I only got the bottle flipped a total of one time. And trust me, I tried a lot! So if you could really go for a bottle flipping experience today, I suggest you just go to the store and get a bottle. It’s just easier that way.

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