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Coloring Book Windows Review

Coloring Book Windows Review

I’ve written before about the recent trend of coloring books for adults getting more and more popular. So I won’t give you the whole preamble on the reimagined app versions of the activity of coloring in app form gaining more and more popularity. Hmm I guess I pretty much just gave you the preamble anyways, huh? Oh well. Let’s take a look at Coloring Book for Windows devices.


What Is Coloring Book?

The Coloring Book app for Windows is, to the surprise of everybody, a coloring book app. Well, it’s a coloring book with a few additions. Along with the old fashioned coloring book side, you can also do some Microsoft Paint-style sketches. There’s a decent amount of different coloring book options, but there may be a bit of a problem. Allow me to explain..


How Is The App?

Coloring Book, while a decent idea considering the ongoing trend of coloring apps made for adults, has some definite issues. First of all, the coloring book part itself was a bit difficult to use. Every time I tapped any of the options, the app would immediately crash. So I couldn’t even do the main activity that’s included in the title. The only other part of the application, the Sketch option, is fine enough, but can often be frustrating and unresponsive. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be one of my more glowing reviews


The Bottom Line

While apps such as Coloring Book can definitely be fun to play around with, there’s some issues that need to be fixed. While the Sketch portion is functional, they definitely need to put some work into the actual coloring part of the app if this is going to grow in popularity. You might be better off just grabbing a regular old fashioned coloring book instead.

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