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Dailymotion Windows Review

Dailymotion Windows Review

I’ve long wondered why YouTube doesn’t have some real competition. You’d think, considering how many internet companies there are, that somebody would pose a challenge to the online video giant. However, as it stands, when you ask somebody about their favorite place to watch cat videos and clips from famous movies that may infringe on some copyrights, YouTube is generally the answer you’ll get. Well, there are a few video streaming sites that have attempted to compete. Will today’s be the knight that can battle the giant dragon that is YouTube? Probably not. YouTube’s pretty darn big. Regardless, let’s take a look at Dailymotion for Windows devices.


What Is Dailymotion?

As my overdrawn analysis of online video sites may have hinted, Dailymotion is indeed an online video site. But how does it stand out? While YouTube is kind of a one-stop-shop for everything and Vimeo is a more focused site, what makes Dailymotion unique? Let’s take a look in my brilliantly titled section “How Is The App?”


How Is The App?

I really don’t want to sound too negative in this section, as I really do believe it's noble to try to enter an industry that is pretty much dominated by the monopoly that is YouTube. However, to be totally honest, I did not enjoy the Dailymotion app. Not only was the selection of videos pretty bare, with only recognizable names such as CollegeHumor and WatchMojo catching my eye, there really isn’t that much interesting content. Additionally, the videos I did view kept freezing up. And, trust me, I payed my WiFi bill. Didn’t I…?


The Bottom Line

If the Dailymotion website is truly a real competitor for YouTube, then the app is not a very good example of that. Not only did the app offer very little diversity in terms of videos, but the video streaming itself was pretty glitchy. Hopefully they’ll be able to fine-tune the app a bit, as it would be nice to see a little online competition.

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