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Flixster Windows Review

Flixster Windows Review

Movies are an incredible thing. They prove that, with a ton of money and some simple ideas, you can create some pretty entertaining content. However, I’m not very good at actually making it to the theatre. Maybe it’s because I just never had an app that showed me theatre times and locations. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to actually get out of bed and go to the theatre. Yeah, let’s go with that one. Let’s take a look at Flixster for Windows devices.


What Is Flixster?

Flixster is an application for mobile phones. Well, I guess I could pretty much say that for any of these reviews, couldn’t I? The application features information on all the current movies, from new releases to what’s come to DVD. Additionally, tapping on any movie can get you some additional information as well as trailers for the films.


How Is The App?

If you’re a consistent movie-goer or just an old fashioned fan of films, Flixster might just be the app for you. Featuring easy scrollability and a quick look at how well a movie is rated, Flixster is the ultimate companion piece for a trip to the theatre. If you’ve got the energy to get out of bed. Unlike me. Additionally, you can take a look at some upcoming films you may be excited about to get some information, showtimes at your local theatre, and even some early reviews to help you determine whether or not you’d like to see the film at all. Pretty useful, really.


The Bottom Line

Flixster is a very useful app for moviegoers. Possibly its best feature is the ability to quickly look at a movie and see how well it’s been rated by critics and audiences alike. Even if they’re not always right. After all, Muppets Most Wanted definitely deserved a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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