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How To Get Different Browsers On Your Windows Phone

Every time you’ve gotten a new phone, I’m sure you’ve noticed they come with their own distinct internet browser. Generally, with iOS you’ll get Safari, with Android you’ll get Google Chrome, and with Windows you’ll get Explorer. Or Edge. Or whatever you want to call it. But maybe you want to use your own favorite browser rather than be tethered to one predetermined for you. Perhaps you want to escape from the oppressive shackles of browser control and declare your independence. Fight on, denizens of mobile freedom! Sorry, that got a bit out of hand. Let’s take a look at some different browsers you can get for your Windows phone.



Go To The Store

Simply typing “browser” into the Windows Store will show you a large selection of alternative browsers available. Some look very legit and some look…a bit on the sketchy side. Just take my word for it. Today, I’m going to look at two that I tried out: Opera Mini and UC Browser. While I admit there were more available that didn’t make the cut, these are two that I’ve heard of before. And two of the only browsers that didn’t look like they’d give my phone a virus.



Opera Mini

One browser whose simple appearance really caught my eye was Opera Mini. Its thumbnail just screamed “browser” to me. Which is impressive, because thumbnails don’t generally scream. One thing Opera Mini advertises as soon as you open it is how the browser shrinks everything down to make it simpler to use. While most mobile browsers do that, I admit it was slightly more noticeable on Opera Mini. Slightly.



UC Browser

UC Browser might just be my favorite alternative mobile browser so far. The highlight of the browser is definitely the easy-to-use thumbnails, which will automatically jump you over to GMail, Wikipedia, and so forth. If only there was a thumbnail that automatically ordered me a pizza. Oh wait, that’ what the phone part of my phone is for.

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