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How To Use Evernote Windows

Productivity apps are one of those things that makes you realize phones are for more than taking pictures of your lunch and playing Candy Crush. They can also keep you active and productive while you’re taking a ride on the bus. At least, they can keep you active and productive until you close the apps and go back to playing Candy Crush. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. Well, one particular productivity app that sticks out is Evernote. You know, the one with the elephant. Because elephants have great memories. Don’t they? I think I read that somewhere. Anyways, let’s take a look at how to use the Evernote app for Windows phones.



What Is Evernote?

As you could probably guess, Evernote is a note taking app. However, this isn’t your grandparent's note-taking app. Well, I guess they didn’t have a note-taking app. I guess it was just a notebook for them. Anyways, beyond basic note taking, Evernote also allows you to record audio notes and even take and save photographs. So this isn’t your grandparents notebook, tape recorder, or camera. Yeah, that sounds better.



How Do You Use It?

Once you create an account, the world is your notebook. You can begin making to-do lists or even do some creative writing in the basic note section.You can also organize your written notes in various “notebooks”. You can also tap the microphone button to record audio notes and tap the camera to snap a quick photo. Or to snap a few selfies. I won’t judge.



Should You Use Evernote?

Evernote is a great all-in-one productivity app. It’s a great combination of your basic notepad app, your voice memos, and your camera. If you’re looking for one main app to keep all your necessary information such as addresses, daily notes, and that romance novel you’re writing, Evernote is definitely ideal. And, best of all it’s free. And everybody likes free things.

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