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How To Use Mini Recorder Free (Windows)

How To Use Mini Recorder Free (Windows)

I’ve seen my fair share of voice note apps in my day. I suppose that’s just one of the many perks of the app reviewing game. Along with the perk of feeling like you’re on your phone all day with a purpose. But you don’t want to hear about my life all day, do you? After all, that’s what my blog and autobiography are for. Instead, let’s talk about voice note apps. And, in particular, let’s take a look at the Mini Recorder Free app for Windows Phones.


What Is Mini Recorder Free?

As I very vaguely alluded to in the opening, Mini Recorder is a voice note app. Or a regular recording app. But I’ll just call it a voice recording app because it’s easier. And I prefer when things are easy. Like how I started calling it “Mini Recorder” instead of “Mini Recorder Free”. Like I said, much easier.


How Do You Use It?

Like most recording apps, Mini Recorder is not a very difficult application to use. You simply begin recording by tapping the numbers on the screen. From there, you can either choose to tap “pause” or “stop and edit” to, you know, pause or stop and edit. After that, simply tap the download app to share your recording however you’d like.


The Bottom Line

Of all the recording apps I’ve tried out, Mini Recorder might be the most bare bones. However, bare bones isn’t a bad thing in this case. Even though it’s usually a bad thing. And Bare Bones would make for an awesome band name if we’re being totally honest. The simplicity reflects just how easy recording voice notes should be. If it was too complex and flashy I may not like the app at all. But the concentrated simplicity of Mini Recorder makes it the perfect, well, mini recorder.

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