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How To Use PhotoMagic (Windows)

How To Use PhotoMagic (Windows)

We live in a pretty photo-centric world. Everywhere you look, people are taking pictures of their food, themselves, clouds that look like things, pretty much anything. So it’s no surprise that photo editing apps have become all the rage. I mean, why even take a photo if you can’t throw a nice sepia tone filter over it? Exactly. So let’s take a look at the PhotoMagic app for Windows Phones.


What Is PhotoMagic?

PhotoMagic is one of many photo editing systems available in app form. What’s interesting is how much difference there is between photo applications. You’ve got desktop systems that allow for intense editing and simple mobile apps that only let you throw a filter on. Where does PhotoMagic rank on that spectrum? Well, you’ll just have to wait for me to get to that part, won’t you?


How Do You Use It?

Like most of its mobile contemporaries, PhotoMagic begins by letting you upload a photo or take one yourself. From there, it’s time to use one of the many editing options, such as filters, cropping, and even clipart style stickers. From there, you can share through Facebook and a few other options. However, there’s just one problem…it doesn’t really work. Let’s talk about it.


Should You Get It?

While I really enjoyed the number of features and options available with PhotoMagic, the inability to share the images makes the actual editing a bit pointless. I found myself crafting some true photographic masterpieces only to realize there was no way to share the photo. However, hopefully this will be fixed soon. Despite that issue, I really did like the functionality of the app. All the buttons are in one convenient place, making editing much more streamlined. Which, considering how long it took me to find the eraser alone in PhotoShop, is a breath of fresh air.


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