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How To Use Vine Windows

How To Use Vine (Windows)

It’s easy to forget just how new Vine is. I still remember when it exploded in popularity a few years ago. My siblings and I tried to make our own viral videos that would change the world and make us all internet stars. …Except I believe those videos only have about ten views at this point. We were just ahead of our time I suppose. Well, some of you still may have not experienced the simple beauty of Vine. Let’s take a look at how to use Vine for Windows phones.



What Is Vine?

Vine is an interesting mixture of YouTube and Twitter. If that makes sense. You see, while you can post videos on the app, you’re limited to only six seconds at a time. Kind of like Twitter’s 140 character limit. (See? It makes more sense now. Kind of.)



How Do You Use Vine?

While the world of posting videos wasn’t always so easy, Vine makes the process very simple. After signing in using your email or Twitter account, you can immediately begin posting videos or viewing others. Posting a Vine is simple, as you simply tap on the camera and hold your finger on the screen for whatever you’d like to film. A bar at the top of the screen will show you how far into the video you are, so no need to have your pocketwatch out. Even if it looks fancy.



Should You Get Vine?

I can definitely understand how Vine got so popular. The six second restriction may sound like bit of a burden, but it’s actually pretty fun to see what you can do within those six seconds alone. Additionally, there’s tons of different categories if you’d like to see other people’s Vines. With everything from cute animals to music, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the sea of videos and forget about getting work done. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

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