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Hulu Plus Windows Review

Hulu Plus Windows Review

We live in a world of streaming. Gone are the dark days of waiting all day for your show to come on or videotape it. (Wow, I feel old even typing that.) One of the main names of video streaming is Hulu, which has made its name as one of the top streaming systems along with Netflix. In fact, Netflix vs. Hulu has become the newest “Microsoft vs. Apple” or “Sonic vs. Mario” or “me vs. runon sentences.” Let’s take a look the the Hulu Plus app for Windows Phones.


What Is Hulu Plus?

As I said, Hulu Plus is known for their streaming content. Unlike Netflix, Hulu’s main focus is current TV shows. However, they also have original content, movies, and commercials. Yes, they do have commercials. At least, unless you want to pay more money. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re cool with watching an insurance commercial for the hundredth time if it means not having to spend any more cash.


How Is The App?

First of all, I must say the content included in Hulu Plus is pretty substantial. In addition to many current weekly shows, there is a great amount of shows I haven’t seen in ages such as Sonic Boom and Sonic X. Hopefully this means Sonic Underground is coming soon. Did I mention I like Sonic? The app itself works pretty well, although I did have some trouble attempting to skip around. However, that may have been due to some kind of internet issue. Or my lack of patience. Either way.


The Bottom Line

Needless to say, there’s a reason that Hulu is such a huge name in the streaming world. Besides the good amount of content, the app is pretty easy to use and offers plenty of suggestions. Overall, it's a worthy contender to Netflix that deserves a look.

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