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Ice Hop Windows Review

Ice Hop Windows Review

I feel like I’ve reviewed an inordinate amount of games involving penguins. There was that one game with the penguins in it. And the other game with the penguins in it. And that other one. The point is, I’ve done a lot of penguin-related reviews. All of this is to say that, yes, I’m reviewing another penguin-related game today. I guess I could have just started out with that. Let’s take a look at Ice Hop for Windows devices.


What Is Ice Hop?

Ice Hop is a game all about hopping on ice. So, if nothing else, this game has one of the more direct titles I’ve seen in a bit. The game’s story is deep and complex, with many challenges to not only your mind, but your soul as well. You see, you’re a penguin that needs to hop across some ice. Much deeper than any Final Fantasy game I’ve played.


How Is The Game?

Ice Hop is, well, how do I put this? It’s not really finished in my mind. You see, while I understand what they were going for, I don’t believe they ever really hammered down the controls. In my understanding, you swipe lightly to hop across one piece of ice and tap harder to jump across two. However, when I actually tried that out, my penguin never made it across. Not once.


The Bottom Line

While Ice Hop seemed like it would be a nice, simple game, I never got far enough to really enjoy the game. Most of my time was spent trying to get past that first hole, and it never quite worked out. So either I’m not the extremely talented gamer I’ve always boasted I am or the game just doesn’t work completely right. I’ll just go with the second one.

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